Ouidad, the Queen of Curl, answers your curly hair questions. This week she tells you how best to dry your curly hair.

cut down curly drying time

Cut down your curly drying time!

Dear Ouidad: So... it's taking FOREVER for my hair to dry. I'm mastering the plop, but seriously, I don't have 4 or 5 hours to sit around in a plop in the morning! But if I take the t-shirt off when my curls are still wet, I get really bad frizz. Help!

A: If your hair takes a long time to dry it’s probably extremely dry and holds water for a long time. You need to rebuild your internal layer with Deep Treatment and you’ll have better results. I highly recommend drying your hair naturally, without a towel or t-shirt.


My hair takes hours to dry too. A deep treatment is the answer? That's really interesting because I have fine hair that needs a lot of protein, and if I give it too much moisture, my curls get mushy soft and limp. So are my only choices either A: Stick with hair that's on the drier side, but curls really helix-shaped and nice, or B: Deep treat my hair and get mushy, out-of-wack curls? :/

I have 3c hair, leave conditioner in, add gel on top of it, then plop. I leave the plop in for 10-15 min, then remove, and dry with a diffuser. It works pretty well for me. You might want to use more gel.