Woman with textured hair

We all have varying passions. We are each our own unique human being, and our interests, much like our hair, curl, coil and wave in so many different directions and shades, that all any of us can do it be thankful that someone somewhere likes to do all those things that we aren't so keen on. And textured hair hair isn't exempt from this equation.

This realization couldn't have hit closer to home than when I read an article at Clutch Magazine about a woman who has been wearing her natural hair in locs for nine years, but despite the length of both her hair and her journey, she isn't all that passionate about natural hair. She isn't in to sitting on YouTube for hour in order to learn how to twist a new way to get a new look, or reading every ingredient in every product. In fact, she says, "if it was up to me, I would have gone to a salon and paid a natural hair passionista to wash, retwist, and curl my hair for me."

However, Kaneisha Grayson's admittance of her non-commital attitude to natural hair isn't a slap in the face to all of us who do love natural hair, reading and understanding all ingredients and vlogging about our experiences along the way. She continues to explain how excited she is about the textured hair revolution, and though she doesn't feel as though she is a huge part of it, she can't wait for one of us to open a natural hair salon down the street from her so she doesn't have to detangle her locs herself.

While our passion for natural hair might not appeal to everyone, it has touched the lives of even those who don't necessarily jump on board. As we continue to spread the revolution, grow in number and encourage and empower one another to take to the streets with our passion to help others, we will be empowering even those who are not a fully functioning part of the revolution.

There are women in this world who love natural hair and would love to attain it, but who don't have the same passion and dedication for it that many of us have. There's nothing wrong with that — especially if they will come to our future natural hair salons and agree to let us work our passionate magic to help them attain the natural hair we know they can get.

The takeaway here curlies is this: follow your passion, build the platform for that passion, and those who admire your passion, will come.

Empower, embrace, connect: that is what this revolution is all about.