The year 2015 is here and many have already or are in the process of composing New Year’s Resolution lists. Saving money, eating healthier and exercising will no doubt make the lists. For the devoted curly community, haircare will

Instead of taking the predictable route of haircare resolutions, the following is a list of things not to do—don’ts—when it comes to haircare in the new year.

10. Don’t assume what works for someone else’s hair will work for your hair.

I know I’m guilty of spotting someone with beautiful natural hair, and jotting down the exact products the person used and didn’t achieve the same results. Experiment with products (preferably trial sizes) to find out what your hair likes.

9. Don’t use excessive heat.

Hot styling tools damage your hair. They can cause dryness, frizz and breakage. Seek out styles that don’t require heat and air-dry or use a bonnet dryer whenever possible. If you do wear straight styles every once in a while, be sure to use low heat and heat styling protection products such as Carol’s Daughter’s Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Styling Cream (available at Target stores).

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

You will find that fellow transitioners and natural hair wearers don’t mind sharing their hair stories and journeys. Join a natural hair community.

7. Don’t fall for so-called quick growth remedies/treatments.

On average, barring any health ailments, our hair grows one half an inch a month or 6 inches a year. Some of those so-called quick growth remedies can actually result in hair loss or shedding. Be patient.

6. Don’t sleep on cotton pillow cases or wear cotton or wool scarves.

These materials not only snag hair, but rob the hair and scalp of moisture. Also, during the winter months keep your hair/ends from rubbing against cotton/wool coats and scarves and avoid hats lined with cotton or wool. Opt for silk or satin.

5. Don’t use fine-tooth combs/brushes to detangle.

Always detangle using your hands or fingers first. Using these tools first will result in breakage while using your hands/fingers first will prevent breakage and result in length retention. Also don’t pull at hair knots, if you can not work a knot out with your fingers go ahead and use cutting shears to cut the knot off. For the best detangling experience, try Carol's Daughter's Khoret Amen Olive Oil Infusion Kit (now at Target).

4. Don’t forget to be gentle with new growth.

The line of demarcation (your relaxed/permed ends and natural new growth) is very fragile. Always handle your hair gently like you would a silk garment.

3. Don’t hold back on your creativity when it comes to hairstyles.

Browse through hair magazines and/or hit the Internet for style ideas, YouTube, Fotki, etc…. Try our lastest styling must-haves: Hair Milk Alcohol-Free Gel and Black Vanilla Edge Smoother to keep curls, coils and waves moisturized and tamed (both now at Target).

2. Don’t overdo it with products.

Piling on products attracts dirt and debris and build-up on your hair and scalp, and actually causes your hair to become dry and brittle. Avoid products with non-soluble waxes, and silicones. Carol’s Daughter offers great silcone- and paraben-free moisturizing products.

1. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and cut off those relaxed/permed ends.

Of course, never feel rushed or pressured into doing a “big chop” or cutting those last few inches of ends off. Consider the pros and cons of your decision. But, if you are absolutely ready to flaunt your natural tresses go for it.

This post is sponsored by Carol's Daughter.