Wash and Go Hair for Winter

2011-11-15 11:43:40

Wash and Go Hair for Winter

Tips for rocking your fabulous wash and go hair and staying warm in style.


Sometimes it’s nice to just wash your hair, do a quick comb through and then be on your merry way. This is especially the case for those colder months where washing your hair daily isn’t always the best option. But freezing your ears and head off isn’t ideal either! While wash and go hair is quick and can last up to five days (especially for kinkier textures), the first day usually consists of your rocking your damp curls. In the summer months, this isn’t a big deal, but when it gets colder, something has to be done!

For most of us, protective hairstyles are our go-tos for the winter months since they allow us to wear hats and keep warm while still protecting our hair. But even a dry wash and go can offer your warmth! So if you’re missing your large summer curls and want to toss out protective styles for a few days, then read on. You’re in good company!

Dealing with Wet Hair in Below Zero

First, let's talk about how to do wash and go hair to begin with. For this method, there’s several items you need: a wide tooth comb, a conditioning product, a sealant (coconut oil or pomade), a gel with added shine (highly recommended), a hand towel and a hair dryer with a diffuser attached (this is the winter month’s extra step). When it comes to materials, you can either use a lot or choose to use a little. You do not necessarily need a wide tooth comb if you use your fingers, and as for conditioning products, you can use anything from a leave-in conditioner to a variety of oils, including olive oil and flax seed oil. Sealants help keep your hair looking fresh and new. Coconut oil or a pomade are good options.

Winter Wash and Go Products

  • Leave-in conditioner to run through your hair after the shower: Kinky-Curly Know Today Leave-in.
  • Finishing product that is perfectly suited for winter months and diffusing techniques: Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine
  • Seal your wash and go with an oil like the Moroccanoil Treatment which is great for winter months and diffusing treatments. Beware, though, that if you are a non-silicone using curly, this product has silicones (which aren't necessarily bad!).
  1. Wash your hair. Make sure it’s completely damp and clean before beginning this process. Also, have everything out and ready to go before proceeding.
  2. Section out your hair into chunks. For the wash and go method, this is really important to achieve those perfect curls without the frizz. you can create as many chunks as you want, but preferably at least three. How many you create will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. If needed, use a clip (duck bill clips work great!) to keep chunks separated. Remember to never separate your curls. Work with your natural curl pattern to create the chunks.
  3. Take one chunk at the bottom of your scalp and work through your first product of choice (usually an oil or leave-in conditioner) from root to tip. Comb through that section either with a wide toothed comb or you can use your fingers. If you are using a second or third product (such as gel), finger that through the same chunk after your put in the oil or the leave-in. Repeat for each individual chunk of hair. If at any time during the wash and go method your hair becomes dry, wet it before applying the product in your hair.
  4. For the colder months, you will want to use a hair diffuser to dry your curls. For curlies with longer curls, turn your head upside down and place sections of your hair in the diffuse and bring the diffuser to your scalp. Continue this around your head until hair is dry. For curlies with shorter hair, begin at the scalp, placing the diffuser prongs on your head. Continue around your head until the scalp in damp and then move on to the ends. Continue until dry.
  5. Even better for when the weather is frigid is doing a wash and go at night and then placing your curls in a satin bonnet to sleep on. Do not completely dry your hair. Instead, dry until it is damp, then place it in a satin bonnet and simply go to bed. When you wake up, take the bonnet off and shake out your curls. Use a moisture mist or a water and gel mixture to help shape the curls. If they are still wet, diffuse.

So how do you keep your head warm without ruining your style with a hat? We have a solution for that!

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Samantha Berley

Samantha Berley

Interesting article, but if you put product in your hair and your hair is dry, the hair can still freeze in frigid temps. I experienced this last year. How do you prevent hair from freezing without wearing a hat or scarf?