Little girl

Dear Ouidad:

My hair is very similar to yours in color, texture, length, etc. What styling and care products do you use on your hair? I need help! Mine gets frizzy and doesn’t stay curly!

Dear My Curly Doppleganger:

Okay, you asked for it!
I do my Deep Treatment every two weeks. I shampoo with Water Works, alternating with my Clear and Gentle Shampoo and use Balancing Rinse Conditioner.

I always use a dollop of my Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner before applying Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I finish off my styling regimen with Styling Mist and let my hair dry naturally. I never diffuse my hair winter or summer. I use Botanical Boost to refresh my curls at the end of the day or when my clients touch my hair too many times and it expands on me. I also use it to refresh my curls the next day.

The only changes I make in my products are seasonal. In fall and winter, I use Tress Effects Styling Gel and Botanical Boost. 
Spring and summer I use my Climate Control and Sun Shield to re-cap my curls.

For Color Care: I use my Deep Treatment three days before I do my color and 10 days after if I didn’t have time to allow my color to set in.

I am frizz free any season, any climate.