Dear CurlySuzy: Have you ever seen or heard of curly hair losing its curl?

I'm 27, no children, not preggo and have what I believe to be 3b curls. I've been growing my hair out to get my natural color back. I recently chopped it to take away a big chunk of color and thought my hair would have more volume since it's short. But the 3-4 inches of natural color I have seems to be more straight than the rest of my hair. I will add that I was born with straight hair and as I hit puberty, it turned wavy then curly.


Dear Cynthia: Sometimes when you cut curls they do go into shock. Weird, I know, but true. The curls can be lifeless and confused for a few days following a hair cut . They should get with the program soon, though.

You might consider using a mousse. Sometimes mousses can activate curls in a more powerful way than other styling products. You could try these over a leave-in conditioner or on their own.

Most mousses dry with a glaze or crunch. They are meant to be scrunched out. These three mousses survive the scrunching exceptionally well.

Out-of-the-Shower Tips

  1. Gently pat your hair dry.
  2. Try not to rub or scrunch hair. Any friction on the hair will get the frizz started.
  3. Curl Like Us Cloths are a good towel for that. The instructional video on the product page is great!
  4. You can also use an old t-shirt (no texture is what you want).

Drying Tips

  1. You will want to use a diffuser on your hair dryer to really get your curls activated.
  2. Try not to touch your hair at all while it is drying, as that causes frizz and destroys curl formation.
  3. Dry curls until they are almost dry (80%-90% dry).
  4. When your hair is completely dry, gently scrunch a few times for soft defined curls.

I am sorry that your haircut wasn't what you intended. I feel like there is hope, though. Please keep me posted.