The Queen of Curls offers tips on her famous styling method

Dear Ouidad: Can you have a short hairstyle and still do the Rake & Shake?

A: You can use the Rake & Shake method on hair that is 2 inches or longer. If the hair is shorter, you can run styling products through the hair and position the curls and waves.

See our video for how to Rake & Shake!


3. If anybody sees this comment O need help with my hair and I can’t seem to find the right article on here… I have type3 curly hair, its soft and has great texture but Its often frizzy and not the way i want it. I like thin not too poofy to overwhelm my face… I’d really like Tylor Swift’s type and i think Ic an acheive it if I find the right stylers and stuf… I just don’t enjoy producta that make my hair hard or give me buildup… the more natural and less time it take- the better!