It's February, the love month. We asked our community why you love your curls, waves and kinks. Your funny, honest, touching and poetic replies beautifully express that affection:


They are a part of my dad's legacy to me - my curls come from my dad. I miss him greatly and love that I alone among my siblings have these curls that connect me to him.

Hakim Nuraldin

Because they're mine.


I love my curls! They separate me from all the boring straight haired women, they define me. Wild, unpredictable, unconventional.


It balances out my body, you can't have a big head, big eyes, big nose, big mouth, big boobs, big hips, and have flat hair!


It took me 26 years to not only accept but also come to love them.

It wasn't until I found this site that I was able to learn how to make them look great. Up until then, I never wanted to wear it curly because it never looked good curly. Once I learned how to take care of and style it curly so that it looked good that way, it wasn't even a choice at that point!

My curls are a part of who I am. I look at pictures of myself when I would style my hair straight and it doesn't look good to me anymore.


I love my Curls because they are me. They define who I am and in this time of straight-ironed hair (like since the mid 90s) I like to be different. I like to stand out and not be coerced into following the crowd. Noone can talk me into straightening my hair & I am proud of it. Besides, curls are FEMININE, theres a romance about curly flowing hair. Long live CURLS!


I'm in love with my curls because they're bouncy & beautiful. They're wild and unpredictable, just like me!


I now love my curls. It took 29 years to find this site and the last 1+ years to learn how to properly care for my hair. I love the way they bounce. I love the way they look different; the way I won't be missed in a crowd. I love how other people think my hair looks good even when I'm feeling like a giant frizz ball (post-NC of course!!! I didn't get compliments before I found this site).

And on a personal note - my most favorite person LOVES curly hair and is my biggest curly supporter.


They are HEALTHY, shiny, soft, bouncy, time consuming, and they frizz. My curls are an extension of my personality/self expression (of me). They show who I am, with all my faults, imperfections (frizz), and the great qualities I possess (good hair days).

It has taken me sometime to come to terms with my hair and I love it. My curls are as unique as I am, and they are cherished.


I love my curly hair. It took awhile to love and accept it (thank goodness for!), but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Big curly hair suits me, it makes me happy, it draws attention and makes me stand out. I don't want to look like everyone else!

I plan on being that crazy old lady with big, long, curly, grey hair and a bunch of cats.


I love my curls because it's apart of who I am. Oddly enough people may not remember my name but remember me as the tall girl with curly hair.

I love more than just my own curls. I love curls period. I love how they come in many different sizes, lengths, textures, colors, etc.

Curly hair catches my eye more than straight or wavy hair. When I see people on TV or on the street with curly hair, I stare (well try not to stare too hard lol) in awe at the curls and more often the fullness/thickness of the hair.


There are days when I love my wurls, but there are an equally large number of days when I hate them. Its definitely an up-hill battle.

I also think wavies have the best (and worst) of both worlds. I can straighten my hair pretty easily, so I can rock my natural waves one day, and have a straighter style the next day. But, it seems that wavies as a whole have a hard time getting consistent results....we have to fight for every bit of curl we can get.

I like having wavy hair, and I'm not sure what I would do if my hair went back to straight, but there are definitely days that I would kill to have it be consistent, at the very least.


I love how care-free and natural curly hair looks. I am a graying curly girl, and I like that I look different from most women who are letting their gray grow in. IRL, I see mostly straight haired women (chemically or flat-ironed) growing gray.


I love my curls because they are an extension of myself. Hating my hair is like hating anything else about myself - wrong. It doesn't hurt that my hair is beautiful in my eyes, but even if it wasn't I would rock it like the best of them!


I hated my hair until I was 15 and got a perm - we didn't know my hair was naturally curly at the time, until it grew out and stayed curly. I've loved my hair ever since then. Before then my hair was ugly and unruly and would stick up or wave in weird places because I was trying to style it like straight or slightly wavy hair. My mother always made me keep it short because longer hair was horrible. Post-perm I ended up growing my curly hair out to mid-back/waist length for a few years. Loved it and I still miss having hair that long.


I love my curls because they have character and they do not look like anybody else hair. They're also a characteristic of the region I come from (North Africa). I love my curls because they help me get the look I want within a few minutes, if I want to look edgy I can, if I want to look fun I can, if I want to look sexy I can without any extra money, time, or effort, a barrett, a pin, or a flower is all it takes to change from one look to another.

But most of all, I like them because they keep me warm in the cold, it's my mane!


I want to love my curls. Sometimes I do, but often it's a struggle. It's an ongoing process, anyway.


I love my curls because they're mesmerizing! I find people just get lost staring at them...daydreaming. I love to see the looks on their faces...I wonder what they're thinking!


They allow me to be myself.


I love my curls because they are the first part of my body that I became proud of. At a very late age.


I love my curls because they are unique to me, they are my beautiful follicle-fingerprint...


I like the sensual quality of curling forms--how they seem to be alive and twine around my finger. I like them best when they're clean and fresh and unfrizzy. I love them cause my husband loves them... a lot. He hardly says anything about my hair when I straighten it. When it's curly, he often makes some sweet comment about how pretty they are, even when I 've just woken up and they're crazy all over the place and crushed-fuzzy.

Why do YOU love your curls, waves and kinks? Tell us in the comments section below!