Alicia's Curly Hair Journey

2014-02-03 14:19:18

Alicia's Curly Hair Journey

"Not everyone has curls! I love that it makes me unique."

NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Alicia Angeles: My name is Alicia Angeles and I am a senior at Boston College. I’m 21 years old and from Montclair, New Jersey. I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican. Last year, I studied abroad in Madrid and this year, I am fortunate enough to be living in the “mods” here at BC. 

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls?

AA: I only started embracing my curls recently. I used to obsess over flat ironing my hair, and when I say obsess, I mean that I would iron it every single day. Thankfully, my hair isn't completely burnt anymore. 

NC: What's your current routine?

AA: I wash my hair every two days with shampoo and conditioner made for damaged and frizzy hair. After showering, I use store brand gel and hairspray throughout my hair and leave it to air dry. 

NC: From start to finish, on a curly day, what's your process?

AA: From start, I’ll shower, and maybe wash my hair. Regardless of whether or not I wash my hair, I detangle it while I'm showering. After that, I towel dry my hair, then let it down and part it. I’ll apply a palmful of gel to each side of my part, then another palmful to the front and back. After using the gel, I spray each side, then shake it out and am ready to go. 


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Claire Aviles

Claire Aviles

Claire Aviles is a graduate from Boston College, where she earned a BA in English with minors in Economics and in Music. She is the Marketing Events Coordinator at a software company in Boston and has been contributing to NaturallyCurly for over two years.

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