NaturallyCurly: Introduce your company!

YOU® Be Natural™: We are the leading African-American owned and operated manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people with textured hair throughout the world.  Our products have inspired beauty in women from the inside out and we are dedicated to practicing and expanding that philosophy through innovation and new products that meet the needs of our targets.

NC: Can you tell me a little bit about how this line got started? 

YBN: YOU® Be Natural™ hair products were designed with the naturally curly woman in mind.  The line was developed using ingredients derived from nature, to provide powerful at home solutions to women with kinks, coils and curls.  Our research, and real life experience has proven that the primary challenges for women with curly hair are dry/frizzies, breakage and limited style flexibility.

NC: Tell us more about the line and its ingredients!

YBN:  YOU ®  Be Natural™ provides an array of products for intensive therapy, maintenance and even straightening the hair.  Our products are formulated without sulfates, parabens or formaldehyde.  We also added potent ingredients from nature; all items are infused with Argan and other natural oils and conditioners.

NC: Who did you have in mind when you created these products?

YBN: Our products are designed for women with textured hair to strengthen, repair, condition, prevent frizz, fight humidity and provide her the flexibility to wear straight and curly styles with ease.

NC: What results can curlies expect from these products? 

YBN: Since our products were designed especially for naturally curlies, our users can expect to see and feel great changes in the hair and easier day to day management of her tresses. YOU® 
Be Natural™ Keratin Strengthening & Conditioning System infuses natural keratin protein into the hair to fortify, heal and strengthen strands from the inside out, promoting healthy hair growth and extreme style flexibility from very curly to wavy to straight. For curlies who like wearing her hair straight, our system safely releases curls in 4 simple steps smoothing the hair without formaldehydes, hydroxides or thioglycolates found in traditional relaxers and chemical straighteners.  It’s the safest way to get long lasting relaxer free straightening.  The process lasts at least 30 days, but up to 3 months depending on lifestyle and hair type. For curlies who like wearing her hair curly, the system helps keep curls bouncy, moisturized and frizz- free.  It elongates and softens curls supported by our maintenance line.

NC: Do you have any tips for women who are considering going natural or new curlies? 


  • Keep hair in great condition and fight dryness by using sulfate-free shampoos
  • Deep condition your curls at least once a month to help fight breakage
  • When using heat to straighten hair, be sure to use a protective product like a heat protectant creme or serum
  • Define your curls and keep them springy by moisturizing with natural oils and products that won't weigh your hair down
  • As part of your routine, use products infused with keratin protein to strengthen hair strands, minimize breakage and promote hair growth

 NC: What's YOUR favorite look to do with these products?

YBN: I have the Keratin Strengthening and Conditioning System and I love the effect it’s had on my curls – they’re elongated, more defined and frizz-free!  
NC: How should women use your line in their regime? YBN: Getting your preferred look with our products is easy!  To keep hair curly, just shampoo, condition, moisturize with our Curl Moisturizing & Defining Spray and go.  If you like to straighten your hair, then after using our Keratin Strengthening and Conditioning System, apply YOU ® Be Natural™ Smoothing & Defrizzing Crème to hair prior to blow drying or using flat irons.  Finish the style with our Defrizz Define & Shine Serum to fight frizz and deliver dazzling shine.

NC: What do you think women will love about the line? 

YBN: This product line is truly a time saver for women as the YOU ® Be Natural™ Keratin Strengthening and Conditioning System makes everything a woman does to her hair easier.  Straight styles are achieved in less time, with less heat and holds styles and product longer.  Curly styles hold curls, twists, bantu knots longer, and curls accept and hold on to moisture allowing users to use less product.

NC: Tell us where we can connect with your brand:  


Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: YouTube:

NC: Where are your products available? 

Luster: Our products are available at local beauty supply stores and online at