Chelsea loves shampoo, and here’s why.

Yes, I know that shampoo is the devil itself, and without it every curly would be better off, but I still like the stuff.

It’s hard to explain the love affair I have with shampoo. At times, we fuss and fight and I reconsider my use of it, but when it comes down to it, I reach for my bottle and lather up, every week. The simple fact is, I love shampoo, and here’s why.

I Like That Squeaky Clean Feel

I always hear women go on about hair that has a squeaky clean feel to it and how much they hate it. When I first heard it, I was confused because that's what I use my shampoo for, to get my hair all the way clean.

That squeaky clean feel is how I know I got all the gunk out, and trust me, I want it all out. After a week of heavy butter and oil laden products, and whatever else you concocted in your kitchen, wouldn’t you want to rid yourself of all of that and start afresh?

Unless I get all sciency and pull out my handy microscope and start examining individual strands, there really is no way for me to know if I’ve got it all, but squeaky hair is almost a 100 percent guarantee.

Creating a Clean Canvass

Did Da Vinci grab some scrap from the back to paint the Mona Lisa? No! Thus, I need clean hair to begin the process of what will undoubtedly be a masterpiece.

Now some of you may ask why it’s so important to me that my hair be that clean. Did Da Vinci grab some scrap from the back to paint the Mona Lisa? No! Thus, I need clean hair to begin the process of what will undoubtedly be a masterpiece.

We all know how badly behaved hair that has product build up can be. Also, I use very persnickety products that can, at a moment’s notice, form white balls if the wrong product is used on top or underneath it. All that included, I need clean hair.

A Clean Scalp is Not an Itchy Scalp

I don’t know about you, but having an itchy scalp is not something I enjoy. I have perfected the art of inconspicuous scalp scratching, but I’d rather not have to use those skills regularly. I need to have a clean scalp.

No matter how hard I try to avoid putting product near my scalp and not applying anything to it, when I eventually do my scalp test, which involves scraping it with my nail lightly, I will eventually scrape off some gunk. When that happens, I am not going to grab something weak and scratch at my scalp and hope it all gets out. If I need to get from A to Z, why stop off at the 24 letters in between? I’m grabbing the heavy duty stuff that will get the job done with minimal effort.

And I think the most important reason I use shampoo is because I don’t use all-natural products. I know, I’m such a naughty natural.

Don’t leave me hanging! How often do YOU use shampoo?


I don't think shampoo is intrinsically bad or good - I think different things work for different people. It depends on the kind of hair you have (not just "curly" - that covers a lot of variations!) and also the kind of products you use. Obviously, someone who uses the kind of styling products you do needs shampoo to get them out. The no-poo thing only works if you're careful to use only conditioners and styling products that can wash clean with water and not build up on your hair. That said - I use shampoo very rarely, myself. About once every month or two, after I colour my hair, because the specific type of hair dye I currently use says to shampoo thoroughly after using, and I want to get it all off because I'm paranoid about PPD sensitization (would love to find a PPD-free dark brown hair dye, but it doesn't seem to exist - the PPD-free dyes I've found only come in lighter shades). So for me, I find that co-washing is usually enough. But that doesn't mean I think people who use shampoo regularly are wrong for doing it. My hair is not your hair.
Ironically, I stopped shampooing for two years before I ever heard of CG. It's only been in the last few months that I, too, have added a weekly sulfate shampoo. But I've only found one that cleans my hair completely but doesn't leave that squeaky/stripped feeling. Plus it's got tons of protein which makes my hair very happy.
Although I am a co-washer myself, I can understand some people's need to shampoo to feel that their scalp and hair is properly clean. Each to their own!
I think this article is so interesting because ever since I decided to go full curly girl, I've heard every which way that shampoo is bad. I think a good part of life and to even deepen your own point of view, is that it's good to look at what other people say. Thus, many people hate shampoo for obvious reasons, yet what about the people that love shampoo? I do agree, even though, I personally will continue my full conditioner use. Or maybe, I will try shampooing every other week like the comment above said. Awesome article. :)
I shampoo my hair every other week. I also don't like the itchy scalp and I try to use no sulfate shampoos that get the job done (Deva Low Poo, Elucence or Kinky Curly).