Two years ago now, I navigated a new part of the curly world, a place many said you should never go with my type of hair. Inspired by the beautiful Sophia Roe, also type 3b, I decided to try something new and get bangs. At the time, it seemed more of a risk to venture into the world of curly bangs. Curly hair can already be so unpredictable, and bangs..well they multiply that unpredictability. However, today it seems like EVERYONE is rocking the style, whether they have wavy, curly, or coily hair, naturals are playing with the style, making it a trending topic around the hair and beauty industry.

Here's some inspiration from women (and some men) rocking wavy, curly, and coily bangs that'll make you want to join the club!

Natasha Leeds

Natasha Leeds is a natural hair and style blogger. Look at that curl definition!


Joi is a an actress/model. Don't have ringlet curls? You can still rock bangs. Joi knows.


Yonairdy, YouTuber. Short curly bobs and bangs are so hot right now.

Thoughts Caught In My Fro

Thoughts Caught In My Fro, complexion and curls on fleek.

curly bang transformation

This curly bang transformation was done by Robin Sjoblom at Southern Curl.

Style Feen

Style Feen (Hortencia Caires), Photographer, Model, and Blogger that illuminates light.

Sharra Spann Salon

Briana at Maggie Rose Miami Salon. Stylist: Sharra Spann.


NaturallyCurly Editor Cristina Cleveland just got wavy bangs.


Tasheena (pinkflavonoid), AfriQueen and artist.

Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe, healthy living cook and model. My very first curly bang inspo!


Whitneyshaw_hair is the stylist who created this look. So cute!

Actually Ashley

Ashly Rodriguez (Actually Ashly), Honestly, truly, how cute is she.

Rae Rodriguez

Rae Rodriguez, model. Love this short cut and all of the lengths involved.

Camilla Boe

Curly gal Camila Boe (mynaturalcurls), frames her face with short layers and bangs to really show off her curls.


Okdeon confirming men can rock the hell outta bangs too. I see you with those curls poppin in the front.

The Mona Cut

The Mona Cut

The Mona Cut

The Mona Cut

The Mona Cut loves serving her clientele up with some curly bangs, here's a few of my fave transformations.

Mel Burgos

Rock Yo Rizos! Mel Burgos serves a bold red lip and a poppin curly fro.


Mominatu, proving bangs can happen with ANY hair type.


OH look, it me. Student, writer, researcher, and bangin blonde.

Africa Miranda

Africa Miranda, Beauty Blogger.

curly bangs

Curly bang updos are one of my favorite looks!


Mekdesmersha, Model.


Merrill Melideo, Photographer. When bangs bring attention to your eyes, you know it's the right style.


FridaCashFlow, artheaux and model. Coily bob? check. Coily bangs? also check. Glitter? Check Check Check!

Have you ever rocked curly bangs?