Have you ever been called tender-headed? If so, then you may remember sitting on the floor between your mother’s legs as she coiffed your hair. You whined, cried, even fell out because you could not stand getting your hair combed. My sister was the tender-headed, and although I was not a fan of that weekly ordeal, she was the one that cried, whined, and fidgeted whenever she got her hair done. It was just understood that the squirming and tears were expected because she was tender-headed. “Tender-headed means having a scalp that is sensitive to touch, and especially any form of tension. This term is popular with children, as we were the ones getting our hair braided, combed, and brushed most of the time.”

It was not fun so the thought of wearing intricate or tension-filled hairstyles is met with a resounding no. The problem is what if you want a low manipulated style that lasts for more than one day and does not require extensions? Being tender headed is not particularly associated with any specific hair type, so anyone can try these styles.


The puff can be perfect style for tender-headed women. For one, this is one of the easiest styles, and if done correctly on washday it can last all week. The key to this becoming a low manipulated style is your ability to not do touch-ups daily. Most buns need a ponytail holder and there is much to say about the popularity of the messy bun. There is no need for your bun to be tight because proper nighttime routines will ensure it lasts.

Buns are sweet, sassy, and sexy, so most of the work needed would be slicking down edges (if you feel the need) or putting hair into the ponytail and then the bun.

NaturallyGG shares three high and gorgeous buns that can last all week if properly maintained at night. Remember that any sized bun can be glam. The first one may be too much for my tender-headed lovelies, as she wraps her ponytail holder on her ponytail twice, but the second and third looks are probably gentler.

Roller Sets

Roller sets and women go hand in hand. This is one style that crosses over from relaxed to natural with ease because the style looks amazing on both! Roller sets last longer than many other styles and do not require heat, so do not sleep on this time-honored treasure that most tender-headed women have no problems with. Roller sets are so versatile, as you can use perm rods, magnetic rollers, Curlformers of any size or type of roller to achieve a great roller set with longevity. The setting lotion and how well you place them on the rollers seem to be the most important factors in a successful roller set.

Toni from My Natural Sistas shows her superb roller set on perm rods. Her look is flawless it can last a week with the proper nighttime routine.

Wash & Go

If you have not mastered the wash and go, then I suggest you give it a try. If you can achieve second, third, or even longer days on your wash and go, then this is a great low manipulated style for the tender-headed lovelies. There is no twisting, braiding, or fuss with this style that allows you to rock your unique coils, curls, or waves with ease.

Christine Amor shows us how she creates her wash and go, and we see that most of the work is done on washday. She shares a few different ways to work your wash and go with elongation or a ninja bun! No twisting, braiding, or added tension to your poor tresses or scalp.

So, what are your favorite low manipulated styles for my tender-headed lovelies?