Let’s face it… we’re busy. We are constantly running errands, working, cleaning and hopefully spending some downtime with our friends and family. In the normal 24-hour day, there is not always time to do our hair, let alone our child’s hair. If this unfortunate truth rings true, don’t worry -- we have you covered, busy mama! Here are 7 low-maintenance hairstyles for kids that can last you until the next time you have a precious few minutes to switch it up.


1. Hair Buns

There are tons of different types of hair buns, but one thing is true for them all – they are great for keeping ends tucked away and protected. DiscoveringNatural’s tutorial is a great example of a quick and easy bun style that only takes 5-10 minutes. Additionally, you can do a braided headband along the hairline to catch the hairs that are finer and shorter on the edges.

Extra tip: If using a boar bristle brush, remember to be gentle on the hairline and use light strokes in order to avoid breakage and frayed ends.

2. Bantu Knots

This style can be worn in several different ways and helps keep hair tangle-free, moisturized, and completely protected against the elements and daily manipulation. We love Brown Girls Hair’s tutorial, which includes cornrows in the parts!

Extra tip: If you struggle to achieve bantu knots, creating a two-strand twist and wrapping it around the base is a great alternative to coiling!

3. Two-Strand Twists

Two-strand twists are achieved by twisting two pieces of hair together like the strips on a candy cane or a rope. This style can be done on hair of any length and lasts for a long time. You can also do this style using three strands and twisting them around clockwise until they begin to twist themselves.

Extra Tip: For a longer lasting style, start with stretched hair.

4. Ghana Plaits

This style is done by sectioning the hair into small, manageable sections and then wrapping weave thread all the way down the length of the section to stretch it out to its true length.

Extra tip: If desired, each plait can be bent and twisted into interesting designs!

5. Flat Twists

This super cute hairstyle can be done on people of all ages. It’s similar to cornrowing except only two strands of hair are used at a time. Flat twists can take the place of cornrows and be used in the front section with a puff or cute twist out in the back.

Extra tip: Use toothbrush with edging gel to keep baby hair and edges down.

6. Comb/Finger Coils

Also called “starter locks,” this hairstyle is basically a one strand twist. You do this on wet hair and use either a fine-tooth comb or your fingers to twist the hair so tightly that it begins to lock or coil.

Extra Tip: To revive the coils from bed head, just spritz with water and gently spruce with fingers.

7. Box Braids

This style allows for a lot of versatility while hair remains completely protected from being styled daily. This style is best done without clips or elastics at the base or at the ends of your child’s hair. Extensions are optional but not required.

Extra Tip: You can change this ‘do up with different hair accessories!