Here in the NaturallyCurly community we talk a lot about caring for our curls, nurturing them, getting them to shine, bounce and last.

However, it is important not to get too caught up in our hair
GASP! Yep, I said it. We are so much more than our hair and sometimes it's okay to let it go. Shameless Maya demonstrated this last year with the world watching. The curly vlogger selflessly planned to donate her curly hair to Locks of Love.

Well this is a concept Emily, a 3 year old girl in Ontario, Canada, already understands. Emily's hair may not be naturally curly but we could all learn a lesson or two from her. Earlier this year little Emily decided that she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to kids that were living with cancer and had no hair at all. She recognized that there were some that needed the hair more than she did.

I caught up with Emily and her mom, Amy, to follow up on her adventure and the aftermath of her viral video that has inspired countless around the world.

Watch the video 

Why did you decide to have your hair cut?

Because it was getting too long and I wanted to give it for cancer.

Who cut your hair?"

Uncle Maffew cut my hair."

What was the best part of cutting your hair?

"Ummm….It was so fun to get a haircut like my Dolly.  And my Daddy buys me donuts from the store near Uncle Maffews store."

Was cutting your hair scary?

"I was a little bit scared (Emily was a bit nervous as she had never had a hair cut), but I was brave.” (it really helped that Dolly went first)

Do you like your new hairstyle?

"I like short hair the best and I like long hair the best.  It’s getting long again."

Is your hair longer than Dolly's now?

"Yeah. My hair keeps growing, but Dolly’s doesn’t."

Do you think more people should cut their hair and donate it to kids living with cancer? Why?

"Yeah, because if their hair gets too long they can just give it to someone. "

Since the video went viral, Emily and her family have received emails from people all over the world. Some have written about how much they were encouraged as they are going through cancer themselves, others said a kind word to Emily for being brave and generous, and other mom’s have sent them pictures of their little girls doing the same. Her parents have had the pleasure of showing Emily that what she chose to do has inspired others to give what they can.

Just a reminder ladies that life is so much more grand that the curls on our heads. Personally I'm inspired by Emily's bravery and courage. Not sure cutting my hair off is in my immediate plan, but I've definitely been inspired to keep the message of giving going! Let's dedicate some time each month to do something nice for those who can't return the favor.

What do you think about Emily's decision to cut her hair? Would you ever consider doing the same?