Sometimes you get the best curly tips in the strangest places. In this case, it was at the new American Girl store in Dallas - a two-story fantasyland for young girls.

In addition to looking for a new doll, my curly 7-year-old wanted to rejuvenate the look of her disheveled curly "Just Like Me" doll. And with an in-store beauty parlor for dolls, there was no better place to do it.

For those who know nothing about American Girl dolls, the vast majority of them have straight hair. So dealing with a curly doll - just like a curly human - requires special skills. The women - some who sported natural texture themselves - weren't intimidated at all. They spritzed her hair and twisted small sections of hair into ringlets. This was no easy task because this doll has a lot of hair.

Forty-five minutes later, Elizabeth looked like a brand-new doll. Her shiny ringlets bounced, and my daughter had a huge smile on her face.