Since being diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease at such a young age, it has become my personal mission to constantly spread an encouraging message of unity and love, no matter how hard it may seem in this crazy world. On October 23rd I will be hosting a Rock Your Blessings Fundraiser at the Southern Curl salon in Atlanta.  This event represents conquerors and beautiful fighters of everything, not just those who suffer from an autoimmune disease or vasculitis. 

Passionate beauty entrepreneur and founder of Innersense Organic Beauty based in San Francisco, Greg Starkman will be joining Robin Sjoblom of Southern Curl and me at the fundraiser, and as Innersense has quickly become a favorite in the curly community for offering exceptional health-conscious and eco-conscious hair products, I wanted to get to know the inspiration behind the brand. I recently spoke to Greg about what drives him and his business, here is what he had to say. And be sure to read on to find out how to enter the giveaway!

As a beauty professional, I always had a curiosity of organic chemistry. Then, that curiosity became a passion and an obsession of mine. It was the birth of our daughter Morgan, however, that propelled me to to start Innersense. 

Building consumer trust around transparency

From day one, our mission was to create pure, organic and toxin-free products. The cornerstone of that commitment was--and continues to be--transparency.

The organic consumer is informed, savvy and demands transparency. More than ever, they know more about what goes in their beauty products. We ensure purity is a reflection of who we are by being open about everything, down to the sourcing of our ingredients.

Beauty professionals and parents: we are healers.

As parents, we want the best for our children.

W e want them to have all the opportunity that life has to offer. Joanne and I struggle everyday wanting to protect Morgan's future. She is a gift to us and all those she touches. Morgan continues to teach us lessons in life that otherwise we would not learn. It is often said that if everyone had a little bit of Morgan in them, there would be no hate. She is always smiling, always engaging, and has the heart of gold. We are blessed. 

As beauty professionals, we forget that we are also healers.

We impact everyone we come in contact with. At Innersense, one of our missions has always been to support, inspire, and uplift other beauty professionals who use our product as well as the guests they serve.
We all tend to take ourselves for granted, only really practicing care when we are sick. Practicing daily self-care is important for maintaining health and spiritual balance. 

The power of unconditional giving

We are inspired by Devri and her courage to inspire others through her work and words.

It is that unconditional giving that has inspired us to get involved and to give back and support her. It is also an opportunity to educate others about autoimmune diseases, as they affect so many people.


NaturallyCurly is sponsoring the event by giving away three styling sessions with the curl stylists onsite that day. You must be in the greater Atlanta area to enter. Enter to win by commenting below with an act of kindness or charity you support, and tell us why!

Innersense is a community of like-minded beauty and wellness professionals seeking a pure, organic, toxin-free lifestyle for themselves as well as the beauty guests they serve. Follow its journey of inspiration on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @innersenseorganicbeauty or visit our website

On October 23rd, Southern Curl and Innersense will be giving curly girls a chance to be cut and styled by a top curly hairstylist. To reserve your spot Rock Your Blessings Fundraiser event, click here.