Q: I am in desperate need of help. My hair makes me so sad. I can never wear it down because I don’t know how to manage the fuzziness and the volume. My permanent hair style is a bun. I like my hair when it is wet. But when it dries, that’s when it goes into a bun because it gets so pouffy and unmanageable. I need advice on how to care for my hair so I can wear it down and not be self conscious about it. I have brown S-shaped curls that are shoulder length.

Christo: My first advice to you is to continually condition your hair. The hair will frizz and poof up like you describe because it is dry. Therefore, the best way to care for it is to use Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque every week as well as conditioning more often with the Bio Curl Shampoo and Conditioner no more than twice a week. As for styling, check out our web site. We have a new section called "Styling your Hair" and click on your hair type to follow the product formula and view the step-by-step video. I think you will be more than successful.

Q: After many years of struggling with my hair I have finally realized what is the cause of most, if not all my bad hair days -- forehead baby hairs! I can't tell you how much time and money I have spent trying to get this weird, almost unconnected part of my hair to behave. My hair is 3a with some 3b, and for the most part, I can get it to look good with or without gel. I just use some leave-in conditioner and scrunch and it looks good, except for those dreaded forehead baby hairs. I can style my hair down, in a bun, in a ponytail and everything will look great except for that area. Even when I relaxed my hair, that was always the part that looked bad. They stand out because the rest of my hair will look either wavy, curly or super-curly smooth and soft. That part looks like I stuck my hand in a electrical socket. It is about 1.5-2 inches in length and sticks up and to the side.

Christo: Baby hairs are dry and dehydrated, so I would suggest using a fingertip amount of a paste -- not a gel -- to finish styling your curls. tuck them in with another curl and then spray Structura Spray for better hold. For better styling, make sure you use Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque on a regular basis, especially on those unruly hairs.

Q: I really love how my hair looks in the front. It's really clumpy and loose s-shaped. But in the back, the curls are pretty stringy and super curly. It looks really odd. What can I do? Do you think using a relaxer just in the back would help? I used one all over my hair about two or three months ago and it just loosened the curl a teeny bit. I think that's why my hair looks so good in the front now.

Christo: Using a regular relaxer can be very damaging to your hair because of the heavy chemicals. Here at Christo Fifth Avenue Salon, we use Curlisto Bio Softening as well as Curlisto Reconditioning treatments. Of course we go directly to the areas that need the most attention in order to balance your texture and not to completely relax or restructure the curls. I recommend seeing a professional for any chemical treatments.

Q: I need tips for washing and styling my curly hair at night so it still looks decent in the morning. Any suggestions?

Christo: After you shampoo and condition, twist the curls in a rope and clip in place. The next day, finish touching up. For example, keep the curls in a shower cap and afterward, bring them down and smooth a little bit of Curlisto Unruly Paste on. Spritz with Structura Spray for hold and then finish with Glow & Shine, and you'll be ready to go.

Q: My hair has been looking flat on top. Using clips hasn't worked, and drying my hair upside down and putting product in upside has not worked. Any other suggestions? Would short layers work? Do I have product buildup?

Christo: Apparently there must be a problem with your styling formula if after all that work, nothing happens. It's possible that product build up is causing the flatness of your hair. So always choose a styling tool that works best with your hair texture. Please view our styling lesson videos on our web site for directions. Feel free to e-mail us a picture of your product-free curls so we can provide you with an e-mail consultation and hair prescription.

Q:: I am a very fine 3a/3b, if that's possible. My curls are somewhat loose but there are also some spirals. I think I have come to the conclusion that moisturizing shampoos and conditioners weigh my hair down. My question is, is it better to use a volumizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner or moisturizing shampoo and volumizing conditioner?

Christo:: The tighter your curls are, the finer and more fragile your hair is. Therefore, when you choose a shampoo and conditioner, make sure that they are protein-based and not wax-based. Curlisto's Botanical Shampoo and the Botanical Rinse is protein-based and is also pH balanced, which means that it will not weigh down your hair, no matter how fine your hair is.

Q: I'd love to wear my curly, but it scrunches up too much, and since I had layers in it I look like Bozo the Clown. I was wondering if there is anything that would help my hair grow faster. I'm thinking the longer it is, the more it will weigh my curls down.

Christo: Sorry to hear the description of your hair, but here is a tip: hair cannot be forced to grow faster. Keeping it healthy will help so use a good masque as well as really good styling tools for more hold, such as Curlisto Structura Lotion and Control Gel II. Please view the videos on to see details on how to style your specific curl type. Also, the Curlisto Anti-Frizz treatment might benefit you.

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