Heading back to school for a new year is always exciting, but for parents and kids it can be nerve-wrecking! From new teachers and classmates to back-to-school clothes and school supplies, kids and parents have a lot to prepare for. With trends coming and going every season, it’s hard to keep track of the “latest” styles to wear. This year, back-to-school fashion is all about looking casual and laid back. Instead of rushing to buy the hottest graphic T-shirt or studded skirt, Andrea Behar, Chief Fashion Designer of her self-titled women’s apparel line, shares must-have essentials that are not only stylish and comfortable, but can also be worn in different ways!

For the Back-to-School Fashionista:


  • Comfy Chic: A combination of jeans and leggings, jeggings act as super comfortable pants that still have style and flare to them. Paired with anything from a plain T-shirt to a tunic top, jeggings flatter all body shapes and sizes!
  • Edgy yet Stylish: This season, leather jackets are no longer just for motorcycle riders and rock stars. Made to not only add edge to any outfit, leather jackets are the perfect way to keep warm while maintaining style when the fall crisp air settles in.
  • Pile it On: When it comes to obtaining the ultimate fall look without breaking the bank, Andrea has one important rule—layer! Pile on contrasting color T-shirts with a bright cardigan for a fashionable look. Add a shawl or vest to get a more hippie inspired look!
  • That’s A Wrap: Celebrities from Christina Applegate to Vanessa Hudgens are inspiring the latest accessories for back to school. Whether you want to dress up a plain shirt or need to keep warm, long scarves act as the ultimate indoor accessory for any outfit.

For the cool back-to-school dude:

  • Classic Twist: The ultimate casual staple, jeans are at the top of the list for boy,s too. This year focus on wearing dark denim, especially if paired with neutral tops. It's not just for the bottom either; denim shirts and jackets are also a great way to incorporate denim in a non-traditional way.
  • Nothing Square About This: One of the biggest trends this season is plaid shirts. While bright colors have been popular in the past, this year, neutral colors are the way to go. Incorporate layering and wear over or under a t-shirt, sweater or jacket!
  • For the Rebellious Boys: When the temperatures start to drop, many moms struggle with their boys to “button up” and make the transition from hooded sweatshirt to jacket. This year, parents can solve that problem by buying their kid a military-style jacket. Seen on celebrity kids such as Kingston Rossdale and Levi McConaughey, boys will never want to take them off.
  • The Right Message: Forget the traditional backpack. Fall accessories for boys are centralized around the classic messenger bag! Now available in various patterns, such as plaid, and various colors, messenger bags will help send boys off to a brand new school year, feeling confident and back pain free.