Quvenzhané Wallis

There's a new curly-haired star on the rise, and she's only nine years old. Curly cutie pie Quvenzhané Wallis (pronounced "Qui-ven-ZHEN-ay")  took the silver screen by force with her debut in 2012’s critically-acclaimed film "Beasts of the Southern Wild," and now she’s making Oscar history before the awards season has even fully taken off.

On Thursday, the bright-eyed, natural showstopper became the youngest ever nominee for the Best Actress category. She shares the nomination with other actresses including Emmanuelle Riva from "Amour," Jennifer Lawrence from "Silver Linings Playbook," Jessica Chastain from "Zero Dark Thirty" and Naomi Watts from "The Impossible."

Wallis’ cute coils, vibrant personality and star power presence have catapulted her into the spotlight. It’s clear that this little girl has what it takes to keep an audience captivated just by listening to the anecdotes circulating about her from how she boldly fibbed about her age just to be considered for a role in the film to how she beat out thousands of other girls and eventually landed the prestigious nomination.

Most recently she starred in an awesome, imaginative short video “Dream” featured in the New York Times and was also spotted giving an acceptance speech by reading right off of her bright pink smartphone on Critics Choice Awards where she snagged the Best Young Actor/Actress trophy.

Among the many questions being asked about her now is how the rising star will wear her hair for the big 85th Annual Academy Awards event. We’ll just have to wait until the big night to see whether she will wear a dressed up version of her little afro like in "Beasts of the Wild," or with her natural hair straightened like she’s been seen most recently in the spotlight. Either way, Quvenzhané is sure to shine on the red carpet like the star she’s shown everyone she can be.

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