Little girl

Dear Cozy:

I have a 5-year-old daughter, and from what I can tell, she has multiple hair types: 3b underneath, 2c in the middle, 3c on the sides and 4a up top. Her 3b curls are gorgeous, but those sit underneath the rest of her hair, which is my problem. She is biracial, so we don’t wash every day, and I have recently started cowashing, with a moisture treatment after. We do a full wash once a week.

hair is dry, and it’s coarse in the 2c and 3c areas, and of course she has fly-away. I have tried everything (at least it feels that way”>, I have an entire shelf of products that have done nothing for her hair. I need a regimen that will help me get her beautiful curls all over, so she doesn’t have to wear her hair up all the time.

Curly Mom:

Wow, you have quite a challenge with a head of hair like that! The good news is that you are way ahead of the pack in the knowledge that you already have about your daughter’s hair. I suspect that if you have tried so many products and you haven’t achieved the results you are looking for, perhaps it’s not the products you need help with, but the way in which you are using them. It’s hard to say without knowing all the details of your routine, but here’s some general rules of thumb:

  1. Never, ever brush her hair. Instead, while in the bath, run your fingers through her hair like a comb when you are conditioning her hair. You can do this daily to hydrate and detangle at the same time.
  2. My secret tip: don’t completely rinse out the conditioner, especially on the ends. This will give extra protection and hydration to her dry hair.
  3. Squeeze out excess moisture, and do not rub her hair with the towel to dry it. Instead, wring out hair and “scrunch” in alcohol-free gel to help the natural curls form.
  4. Let hair dry naturally when possible or use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment. This will allow the natural curl to form without frizz.
  5. When hair is dry (or nearly dry”>, scrunch in a light styling cream (like So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream“> to smooth hair and lock in curls. This will also help to prevent the frizz.
  6. Whenever needed, spray in a leave-in conditioner/detangler to refresh curls and smooth hair. Your daughter will love So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner.
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