Q: If my daughter was curly before she was two, and they've disappeared, does this possibly mean that the shampoo has stripped them away? Or does it mean that she just had the typical "kid loses curl" thing?? I'd LOOOOVE to have some of her wave back.

Cozy: This is such a common question because a baby’s hair can change so dramatically that it can be very suprizing! I’m sorry to say that most likely, your daughter is growing into her new hair, and that the curls were probably her baby hair. Our hair changes throughout our lives so it is best to try and embrace the “new look,” and work with styles and cuts that will look best with this new hair type and texture.

Q: What ingredients make a shampoo tearless. What are the pros and cons of these products?

Cozy: Tear-free Shampoos are created by using milder formulations than typical adult hair care products. Specifically, So Cozy Tear-Free Shampoo uses the much gentler ingredient PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, rather than the harsh Lauryl Sulfate which is found in many shampoos. Both are surfactants, which help cleanse the hair and remove grease, but the one used in So Cozy Hair Care products is much more gentle.

Q: My daughter is two years old, and I am quite frustrated with her hair. It's 4a in the front and 4b in the back. I bought coconut oil, which I use as a conditioner after shampooing. I rinse it out. It leaves her hair soft. But her hair is still and gets drier as the day progresses. Her hair becomes messy during the day, and I make her wear a hat. That makes me feel frustrated. Can you recommend any products or recipes that I can try? I am thinking the coconut oil can be mixed with something else to make it lighter. Can you also recommend any styles that I can try on her her, i.e. cornrows and ponies?

Cozy: It sounds like your daughter is in great need of a good conditioner to protect, moisturize and nourish her hair. For very dry and frizzy hair, I would recommend a double conditioning treatment. Use So Cozy Sweet Strawberry in the bath AND a Leave-In Conditioner, such as So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner, afterwards. Not only will she have 24-hour conditioning, but combing her hair will be much easier, which will prevent breakage and damage (which adds to that fuzzy look).

Q: I'm looking for new styles for my 6-year-old daughter. She has loose curls midway down her back. If we don't do anything with it, it falls in her face. We're both sick of headbands. What are some other stylish, easy looks?

Cozy: It is so difficult to recommend hair styles to someone with out seeing their hair or face shape, but it sounds to me like your daughter may benefit from adding some long layers into her hair. This may help keep it out of her face yet still make it possible for you to pull it back when you want to. You should look through hair styling magazines and books to get some ideas about styling ideas and other ways to put her hair back. I recommend that you experiment with her hair when you have time to play around and aren’t rushed or worried if the hair doesn’t look great.

Q: I have a question about my son. He's 10 years old, and has beautiful curls. But he hates them. He always wants to cut his hair short to hide his curls. How can I help him to love his curls.

Cozy: The grass is always greener! So many people have had this problem (including myself). It took me nearly 40 years to embrace my curly hair! The best thing I can recommend to you is that you show him positive role models, celebs, athletes, etc that have curly hair. Accepting oneself the way you are is a lifelong battle for everyone -- why should a 10-year-old be any different!