Q: I have a 6-year-old daughter who’s starting school next year. In our schools in South Africa, it’s compulsory for them to wear their hair up and out of their faces. She has long, blond curly hair. It’s not a very tight curl. It looks like locks, but it does frizz around her face when it’s in a ponytail. Do you have advice for me to keep her hair from frizzing? I’d also like to have a few ideas for different ways I can take her hair up. We are getting bored with only plain ponytails and buns. I have always had really short hair so I’m not too creative when it comes to long hair.

Cozy: That “halo” of frizz is such a common problem, but one that is easily remedied! After you pull her hair back in a ponytail, rub and evenly distribute So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream on your hands. Next, run your hands from the scalp back to the pony, smoothing the hair as you go. This should evenly apply a light layer of cream to keep hair smooth and frizz free. I prefer the Styling Cream to a gel because it won’t show at all. Sometimes the gel can change the look of the hair a little. You can also do this at any time of day to refresh. As for new styles, it’s hard to recommend any without seeing her hair. But look through magazines and see what appeals to you. Just don’t try to achieve those looks when you are rushing out the door in the morning. Experiment on the weekends or when you have some spare time. It will be a fun activity for you and your daughter!

Q: My 18-month-old daughter has very tight ringlets all over her head. If you pull her ringlets down straight, they are at the bottom of her neck. But I’m always battling knots. Should I be doing a daily routine with her hair?

Cozy: Yes, it’s so important to detangle daily before it becomes overwhelming. It is such a big problem for so many people that we created a kit just for this purpose! Try the So Cozy It Takes Two to Detangle Kit. Start with the Lucky Lime Pre-Detangling Treatment, which you use in the tub with the wide-tooth comb (it comes with the kit”>. Apply a liberal amount after shampooing, using more in tangled areas. Combing through tangles with the Pre-Detangler in her hair will be much easier and painless. Make sure to start at the bottom of the hair, holding a 1-inch section and working your way up the strand, inch by inch. Continue around her entire head. If you do this regularly, it won’t take long because it won’t be very tangled. Also in the kit is the Fruity Delight Detangler & Leave In Conditioner. This is great for removing tangles all other times of day and is also great because it is a leave-in conditioner.

Q: I have a 5-year-old daughter with medium curls. My question is how can I keep it from getting so big? It just gets so puffy by the end of the day.

Cozy: It’s a two-part answer. 1. She needs a great cut. Often it gets big because the layers are too short. Find a good curly hair stylist. 2. Products. Using the right products makes all the difference. Using adult products often weighs down the hair, making it flat and lifeless. Using no products will allow frizz and lack of curl control. You should test out different styling creams and gels to see which ones work best for her hair. I recommend using products without alcohols and parabens. It’s never too early to teach your children to be healthy and environmentally concerned.

Q: My 8-year-old wants to wear her curly hair straight. Is it okay to flat iron her hair? I want her to love her natural curls, but I also want her to feel like she has options. If I do blow out her hair or flat iron it, what types of products should I use to protect her hair from damage?

Cozy: I advise against flat ironing her hair on a regular basis, and really just save it for an extra special occasion. I know how badly it damaged my own hair so I can speak from experience. Of course the best option is to try to work with her to embrace her natural curls, but I completely understand the allure of straight hair. When you do blow it out (better than a flat iron”>, make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner first. Try So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler, not only will it protect her hair, but it will help to prevent frizz and keep it smooth looking. Good luck!

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