kid curly hair

Q: I have a 5-year-old with long, 3a curls. I need ideas for some fancy styles for parties.

Cozy: Keep in mind that “fancy” doesn’t have to be complicated! Simple styles will likely hold up longer and will be much easier to execute nicely. Try a simple French twist or twist the sides of the hair and leave the back down for a half-up style. Cute bows, clips or headbands always help add fun style. Most important, practice styles in advance — never right before the event!

Q: Does hair change? I was totally expecting to have a 4a cutie like mommy, and ended up with a 3b-3c cutie like nobody I know. This totally threw me for a loop. So I'm wondering if this is just her baby hair or the way her hair is going to be. She was born with this head of hair and this texture, and now she is 6 months old and it hasn't changed.

Cozy: Yes, hair does change throughout your life, especially in the early years. Your cutie’s hair will continue to change, but it is unpredictable in that way!

Q: My little girl is a 3b. When her hair is wet, it has really nice curls. But when it's dry, it looks dry and messy. What do I do to control her wild hair?

Cozy: This is a very common problem for curly hair. It happens when hair is dry and the cuticle becomes ruffled. There are two things I recommend. First, it is critical that you replenish moisture to her hair. Use a thick, creamy conditioner with natural moisturizers to replenish thirsty hair and help to prevent it from drying out. I recommend So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner, which contains almond oil to hydrate hair. Next, use an alcohol-free styling gel after conditioning to keep cuticle smooth and hair shiny. So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel is a light formulation that won’t weigh hair down and will be great to prevent frizz.

Q: I have a very active 8-year-old. She's in gymnastics, dance and constantly on the go. Her long 3a hair can get really tangled. What are some strategies to keep her hair looking its best while she's whizzing from one activity to another?

Cozy: It’s important that you comb out the tangles daily so they don’t build up. An easy way to stay on top of this is to use So Cozy Pre-Detangling Treatment in the tub. Use a generous amount and then comb out hair in the tub with the Pre-Detangling treatment in her hair. This will prevent painful comb-outs. Next, make sure that your daughter wears her hair up on busy days. This will help prevent tangles for such an active girl.

kids curly hair

Q: How do I prepare my 2-year-old daughter for her first haircut. She gets really anxious about everything, and I want this to be a good experience or she may never go to get another haircut.

Cozy: The first haircut can be a rather hair-raising experience for both you and your child, but it can also be a lot of fun. You are smart to prepare in advance! First, decide whether you are going to do it at home or take her to a professional. Either way, it will be a special occasion. Here are some tips to make that first haircut less stressful, whether it happens at home or the salon:

  • Make sure to choose a good time of day for the haircut. Avoid nap time or meal time when your child is less likely to cooperate and may be cranky.
  • Choose a stylist who enjoys working with children. Call the salon in advance to find out who the right stylist will be.
  • Distraction, distraction, distraction! If you're not going to a children's salon, bring your own distractions. A book, toy, DVD, healthy snack or treat will keep your child’s attention so there’s less chance of your child getting upset.
  • Bring a spare t-shirt in case your child doesn’t want to wear a cape. This way you can easily change her when haircut is over.
  • Never refer to it as a hair CUT! This can sound very scary for a child. Instead call it a trim.
  • Try to get an idea of what type of haircut you are looking for in advance. Look through magazines and tear out photos to help tell stylists what you want.

    Spray comb with water rather than spraying water directly on child’s hair. That can be scary for children not knowing what to expect.

  • Don’t forget to save the first lock of hair for your scrapbook.
  • Try not to be too nervous. Children pick up on this and will feel nervous because you are!
  • Enjoy!

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