Q: I have one daughter with 2a hair, two daughters with 3b hair, and a son with 2c hair. I know not to brush their hair, and to detangle with a wide-toothed comb using conditioner on wet hair instead. I do that faithfully. However, I notice that even after washing and detangling my children have lint in their hair, especially at the ends, and this causes tangles and knots. Careful detangling with a wide-toothed comb and conditioner on wet hair and washing their scalp does not get rid of most of the lint that collects at the ends of their hair. I find myself wanting to use a baby brush (yes, the soft ones made for infants) in order to get the lint out. Even though I take my time to detangle four heads, and I'm very gentle, I do not want to cause damage with extra manipulation with the baby brush if it's harmful to do so on wet or dry hair. Can you please recommend a way for me to keep tangles and knots at a minimum if I'm not supposed to brush curly hair, and if detangling and washing don't get rid of most of the lint?

Cozy: It sounds like you are a very busy lady! You obviously have done your research when it comes to curly hair care. I’m impressed! I don’t understand though what you mean by lint. I’m not sure why your kids have lint in their hair if you are combing out the knots in the bath with conditioner in their hair. Perhaps you should look at your towels and bed linens to see if this is causing the problem.

Q: Can you explain the difference between your various conditioning products? I'm not sure how to choose between a regular conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and a styling gel that conditions.

Cozy: Great question! With the glut of products on the market, it can be very confusing. Basically, So Cozy offers different products that may overlap in use at times. This is because of the different hair types and the different ways that people use the products. For instance, some people like to use a conditioner in the tub daily, whereas others prefer to use a spray leave-in conditioner. Some with very dry hair like to use both! Using a styling product that conditions the hair is another way to help keep the hair hydrated and healthy. There is no right or wrong way to use these products; it’s very subjective. The best way to figure out what’s right for you is by trial and error. One helpful rule of thumb is the drier the hair, the more conditioning you need for healthy hair.

Q: I need to figure out what to do with my son's hair, and fast. He used to have beautiful curls. I mean people used to stop him to comment on his curls. Now it just looks nappy and feels really dry. I am not sure what to put into his hair. He is 2 years old, with 4a/4b hair. He is all boy so he rolls and flips and just beats up his hair. Help!

Cozy: It is very common for a child’s hair type to change as he gets older. It doesn’t mean that he can’t have beautiful curls again. It just means you may need to care for it differently. First, don’t brush his hair because that will make it look “nappy”. Instead comb through his hair with a wide-tooth comb when wet (in the tub is ideal). Next, try using So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream on wet hair. Just “scrunch” into hair, evenly distributing all around. Let hair dry naturally (or use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment) to keep natural curls in tact. You can scrunch in a little more Styling Cream when dry to prevent frizz and to add shine. Good luck!

Q: My 3-year-old daughter lets me put conditioner in her hair, but she screams if I try to comb it wet. I explain it wouldn't hurt if she let me get the tangles out in the bath, but she still doesn't get it. It always looks a mess, with flyaways, knots and general craziness. What can I do to make it look ok?

Cozy: This is surely a phase (like everything else), so don’t be too concerned. In the meantime, use a spray detangler, like So Cozy Fruity Delight, to comb through your daughter’s knots before the tub. Continue to condition as usual. However, be sure that you don’t brush her hair after that. Let her hair dry naturally to keep the curls intact and to prevent frizz. You can use the So Cozy Fruity Delight in between baths too, to keep replenish moisture & to help with flyaways & tangles.

Q: My boys are 4 and 6, and they are curlies. The 4-year-old has fine hair like me, and the 6-year-old has very thick coarse hair. I am looking for a good gel that won't flake. Any suggestions?

Cozy: Try using an alcohol free gel such as So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel. The light formulation never flakes and is good for all types of hair. You can use more product for the thick, coarser hair for more control. It smells great, too!

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