Q: My daughter has come home with lice. This is our first experience, so we are learning as we go. She also has relatively curly hair and it tangles easily. The over-the-counter products are basically all poison/chemicals. We did one round and have almost destroyed her scalp and her hair is extremely dry. And we have do another session in 10 days. Are there any alternatives that are safe and effective?

Cozy: There are many different philosophies about how to deal with lice. Some people do not believe in using pesticides and some do. Some believe in smothering the lice, and some don’t. It really is a personal choice. Your best bet is to consult your pediatrician to see what the options are. When you do finally rid your child of lice, use a lot of heavy-duty moisturizing to rehydrate the dried-out hair. I would recommend not completely rinsing the conditioner out of your daughter hair when she bathes and use BOO! Leave-In Conditioner daily to prevent lice from coming back. It is all natural, paraben free and safe to use daily.

Q: I’ve got a question about morning frizz. My 10-year-old daughter has fine 3a hair. She wears her hair braided for bed, but the hairs around her face escape and she wakes with a halo of frizz. Currently, she dampens it down and brushes it into submission for her school plaits. I’ve read that brushing isn’t good, so what do you do with children’s morning frizz?

Cozy: You are right — brushing hair isn’t good for curly hair, and will only create frizz by ruffling the cuticle. Instead, spray in So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler and “scrunch” hair to reactivate her natural curl and remove frizz.

Q: My 2-year-old old daughter has very curly hair. I used to mostly put it in pig tails but lately she has lost patience with that idea! I have just been combing it out with a wide-toothed comb while I have conditioner all over it and then again once I rinse it out. I pat it a little to dry (just so it isn’t dripping”> and then put product on it. Then I put on one of her head bands and usually a bow. This photo was taken recently (I must not have washed it that morning; it is less frizzy on wash days”>. I have been thinking lately that maybe I should get her hair cut so that it has more of a style. Any suggestions? She has never even had a trim. When her hair is wet it is just past her shoulders.

Cozy: I think her hair is adorable! If you do want to cut it, make sure you go to someone who really understands curly hair, regardless of whether you are going for a trim or a real change. If it’s cut properly, it will grow into a nice shape and style.

Q: I’m a curly teen who recently discovered how to take care of my hair and who just got my first curly haircut! It was a fantastic moment and I’m definitely happy for finding a salon that understands my hair type. The bad news is that my cut cost $60. I’ve never had a cut over $30, and since I’m only 15, my parents are obviously supporting me in my financial needs (haha, nice way of putting it, I think!”>. My dad doesn’t at all understand the importance of taking care of my hair. When he found out about this Web site he thought I was being narcissistic! How can I explain to him that taking care of my hair is something important, and not some self-indulgent thing? And when I need to get my haircuts, how can I convince him to let me go to a salon that understands curly hair, even if it’s a little more expensive?

Cozy: I wish that I would have understood my curly hair when I was a teenager! It would have saved me many hours chained to my blow dryer trying to straighten out my frizzy hair! It’s wonderful to hear that you have embraced your curls! I have a few ideas to help you solve your problems. First, perhaps you can offer to split the cost of the expensive with your parents, using babysitting or allowance money. Maybe your father will respect your choice once he sees how important it is to you that you are willing to spend your own money. Another option is to find another stylist in a less expensive salon. Plenty of stylists know how to cut curly hair. You may find a recommendation by asking a person with great curly hair where they get their haircut! Lastly, perhaps you can go to your curl stylist less often, and fill in at a less expensive salon in between visits.

Q: My daughter is almost 10, and I have noticed in the past year or so that her hair seems go be changing. I would say she has about 2c hair all over, but lately in the root area, it is more like a 3c. Her hair is very kinky, curly and frizzy at the roots and I’m not sure how to deal with it. I am happy with the way she’s looking, but the frizz in the roots is driving both of us crazy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cozy: It is quite common for a person’s hair texture to change over the years. You may be right that her is actually changing now. Frizzy hair is caused by the cuticle being unsettled. To prevent this from happening, use a styling aid that will settle the cuticle, such as So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream. It’s perfect for this particular situation because it is light enough that it won’t weigh the hair down too much or make the roots look greasy. A small amount evenly distributed through her hair should do the trick!

Q: My 4.5 yr olds are really curly and have very different curl types. One is a 3a, the other a 3c like her mommy but with much more fragile hair. I can’t seem to find specific recommendations for kids curls by type. I can say that the 3a doesn’t do well with gel, and the 3c needs a little more hold but gel makes her hair a bit stiff. I don’t mind getting different products for them. Any suggestions?

Cozy: It will always be trial and error when dealing with styling products! You may even find that a styling gel from one company may work fine for your daughter’s hair, but from another it’s not right. You should look for a gel that is alcohol-free so it won’t dry out the hair, Try So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel. It’s a light formulation so it won’t make hair look stiff or wet and you can use more or less to suit your style. For finer hair, So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream is great because it won’t weigh down the hair but will help defrizz and control. You can use on wet or dry hair. You may also find that different products will work differently depending on the time of year and the weather.

Q: I have an 8-year-old daughter with beautiful (3b”> curly hair. I recently met a woman who told me about NaturallyCurly.com, and WOW!, I’m so excited. What I’d like to know, and can’t seems to find on the site, is a good regimen for her hair. I’m never really sure how often to shampoo her hair, and or if we should go the no-poo route. Do you think that you could give me advice for proper curly hair treatment?

Cozy: You have definitely come to the right place! You are very smart to start a proper regiment now while she is young. Different people have different philosophies about what type of formulation to use. I recommend using something as gentle as possible, with vitamins and minerals and I suggest staying away from parabens (synthetic preservatives that may be quite harmful”>, like So Cozy products. As for the curly hair regimen, if she has beautiful curly hair already, it sounds like whatever you are doing, you should keep doing! A few tips: never brush curly hair, it causes frizz by ruffling the cuticle, comb out tangles with wide tooth comb while bathing with conditioner in hair, lastly, spray in a leave in conditioner in the morning and “scrunch” hair to reactivate curls. We love So Cozy Fruity Delight.

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