Q: My daughter is 15 months old and she has a head full of curly hair. But it is really fine, and I have no idea what to do with it. She is bi-racial but really doesn’t have any kind of texture to her hair. It dries out so easily and nothing seems to keep it moisturized. What can I do for her?

Cozy: You will find that your daughter’s hair texture will change over time. For now she still has baby hair. In the meantime, you are right to be asking about moisturizing her dry hair. Try a leave-in Conditioner. We created So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner. You can use this on wet or dry hair, and it will help to moisturize it and will make it easier to comb through her hair.

Q: I really wish my daughter wouldn’t straighten her hair. She’s 12, and stick-straight hair is all the rage. She hardly ever wants to let it curl! Her hair is very long, thick and blonde (with gorgeous platinum highlights from the sun”>, and I’m thinking it’s about a 2b to 3a when we allow it to curl and use the right products. It’s absolutely beautiful! Add to it her pink cheeks and bright blue eyes… What can I do to help her love her curls?

Cozy: This is an age-old story. The grass is always greener! It took me nearly 39 years to embrace my curls! One of the reasons I think I had a problem accepting my curls is that I didn’t really know how to work with them to enhance and de-frizz them. These days, there are so many great products out there to help curls look their best. Perhaps you can help her experiment and play with her hair to help her find what makes her feel good about her curls. Try different styling creams and gels, and keep in mind that it may take some time to embrace her curls.

Q: My daughter is two, and has very tangly, curly hair. It’s very thick, but it’s not long, which makes it hard to put it into a category. It stands up on her head, and is VERY frizzy. She’s one-quarter Korean, one-quarter black, and one-half Caucasian. I’m clueless what to use for her. I want something easy to use. I think I’m definitely going to buy her special shampoo and conditioner, but I just don’t know what to use. She looks like Albert Einstein right now, which is not a good look for a 2-year-old little girl. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cozy: For a 2-year-old girl, you have to try to keep the grooming process as simple as possible. Try a 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo to eliminate one step. So Cozy Tropical Fruit 2 in 1 Shampoo is perfect for this. I would recommend a very light gel to help with the frizz. When she comes out of the bath, “scrunch” her hair with So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel, making sure to do it evenly and consistently throughout the hair and then let hair dry naturally. Do not brush or comb, which would make her hair frizzy.

Q: My daughter is seven years old and biracial, and her hair is uncontrollable. It is very dry, frizzy and stiff feeling. I am guilty of being curly-girl ignorant because I have straight hair. I would love to know how to work with her hair. What products should I use? Should they be the ones geared to kids or can I purchase ones for adults? Is there a routine at I can do at night to save time in the morning? I need some advice!!!

Cozy: You are smart for asking for help because most people really only know about hair from their own experience. and clearly your experience is quite different from your daughter’s. It sounds like your daughter needs some very good conditioner in order to moisturize her hair. In her bath at night, try So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner and instead of rinsing it out completely, leave a little in on the ends. After bath, “scrunch” in So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream to enhance the curls, to smooth it and to keep her hair from frizzing. In the morning, you can re-apply the Styling Cream or try to reactivate the curls and take away the frizz from the night.

Q: My 5-year-old curly daughter wants to grow her hair longer. Right now, it’s short and layered. What is the best way to grow out curly hair? Is there a strategy? Should she keep it layered or grow it all one length? I have bone-straight hair so it’s all new to me.

Cozy: Growing out layers is so tricky! There is always a period when growing out hair that it just doesn’t look right. For that, I recommend great accessories like clips, headbands and barrettes. It is hard to recommend a haircut without seeing your daughter because there is no one right haircut for curly hair. I can say that one length hair usually is not right. Typically, longer layers are better for girls that want long curly hair. But there is no rule. My advice to you is to hang in there during the growing out period and resist the urge to cut! Find a good stylist who can recommend a great cut for your daughter and a strategy for growing it out.

Cozy Friedman

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