Q: My 2-year-old daughter has inherited my curly (3b”> hair, but a baby fine version of it. It is in ringlets right out of the shower. But by the time it has dried, the curls have significantly diminished. It’s like her hair is too fine to hold the curl. I’m sure it will change and thicken as she gets older. But could you suggest any tips/styles/products to enhance her beautiful curls now?

Cozy: You are certainly correct that her hair’s texture will change as she gets older. In the meantime, here are a few tips to keep her curls looking bouncy rather than limp. First, her haircut is very important. Make sure that she gets a nicely layered haircut to enhance her curls. Otherwise, the hair will be too heavy to curl. I always recommend bringing a photo from from a magazine that shows a style you would like. Second, make sure to use a very light styling cream that will not weigh down the curls. I recommend a dime size amount of So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream scrunched into her hair after bath. Just make sure to distribute it evenly. Do not brush her hair after that. Let curls set.

Q: My daughter is 3 years old. I am Chinese and her father is black African. The texture of her hair is quite fine and thin like Chinese hair, but is very dry and frizzy. I have tried various black hair products, but it makes her hair shrink into very tight curls and look very greasy. And other hair products leave her hair very dry. She currently has no hair-care routine because I haven’t got a clue where to start. Please advise me about some possible hair care products, and also a hair-care routine I should be using with her.

Cozy: I can understand your confusion! It sounds like she really needs some good moisturizing and conditioning products. Perhaps it isn’t which products you are using, but how much you are using. Continue to try products made for African American hair and try using much less. Check out CurlMart, and such brands as Blended Cutie and Mixed Chicks. Also, your daughter definitely needs a good leave-in conditioner. Try So Cozy Fruity Delight Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler. It is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to to lock in moisture and Vitamins E & A to moisturize and soother hair & scalp.

Q: My son is 7 months old. He has very tight, kinky hair, like his mommy. That means his hair is always thirsty! I know exactly what works for my hair — conditioner washing. But I don’t know anything about conditioners to buy for babies. I know they have conditioner for toddlers on up, but I’m not sure about young babies. I like to keep the products as natural as possible. For example, I use olive oil, and it has helped a lot to keep his hair from drying out. I’m not expecting his hair to look picture-perfect at all times. After all, he is a baby, and a very active one at that! He spends a lot of his time rolling from back to tummy, trying to crawl, and grabbing at EVERYTHING including his hair! I am just trying to keep it moisturized, so any help would be appreciated!

Cozy: You are smart to look for products formulated with gentle ingredients, specifically created for young, sensitive scalps and hair! Try using So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner. Instead of rinsing completely, leave in a tiny bit on the ends for extra conditioning. I do that with my own hair, but often prefer to rinse completely and then scrunch in a tiny amount, just so that I can control how much I am leaving in.

Q: I am the mother of a gorgeous 9-year old girl with fantastic curls. I am Caucasian and her father is African American. We shampoo and deep condition twice a week, and we rinse and run regular conditioner through it every other day. The only problem is that lately we’ve been noticing flakes in her hair. I assume it’s dandruff, but I am afraid to use a dandruff shampoo in her hair because I’ve heard they are very harsh. I need help!

Cozy: It’s hard to comment on whether or not your daughter has dandruff without seeing for myself, but it sounds to me that she probably has product build-up that resembles dandruff. Make sure that you are using alcohol-free styling products, which won’t dry out hair and cause flaking. You may consider using a purifying shampoo once or twice a week to remove any product build-up. So Cozy Green Apple Swimmer’s Shampoo will gently remove any chemicals or impurities left in the hair, not just chlorine. It’s made with orange extract to gently remove impurities.

Q: My 2- and 9-year-old boys have thick, blond curls, which recently have gotten much more coarse. I have avoided using products in them in the past (since they both have eczema and weren’t taking a lot of baths, I didn’t want all that stuff just sitting in their hair”>. I would like to find something that will soften up the texture a bit, but I don’t want to lose the curls. What do you think would work? They are taking more baths/showers now since they have to wash off the pollen from playing outside and I have a little more freedom with their hair. I just don’t want anything that will attract bugs/bees etc.

Cozy: You have two distinct issues: moisturizing and curl enhancement. Let’s start with moisturizing. It sounds like your kids need major moisturizing to soften up the coarse hair. Aside from a great conditioner (So Cozy Sweet Strawberry”>, you need a leave-in conditioner that is gentle enough that they can use everyday. Try So Cozy Fruity Delight. To enhance those gorgeous golden curls, do NOT brush or comb after bathing. Instead, use a light gel (alcohol free for sure”> and scrunch into your hair with your head upside down. You can blow dry with a diffuser or just let air dry. Let the curls form and set naturally.

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