Q: My daughter, Arianna, is 4 years old. Her hair is 4b/3b from front to back and super thick. She is more tender-headed than I was at her age. None of the hairstyles I try last more than half a day before they frizz up, unless I do braids, which take hours and only last a few days. No moisturizers last in her hair. Detanglers only work until her hair is dry. Gels don’t work either. I don’t know what to do anymore!

Cozy: Are the hairstyles you are trying for her Arianna’s hair styles that work with her natural hair texture? I ask because I know that when I blow my curly hair straight, it doesn’t matter what products I use; if it is humid outside, my hair will frizz! Finding a style that works with the hair’s natural texture is half the battle of working with curly hair. Also, it sounds like Arianna’s hair really needs some great conditioning & moisturizing. Try leaving in a little conditioner in the bath, rather than rinsing it all out. I recommend So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner. It’s thick and creamy and enriched with Sweet Almond Oil for extra conditioning. Also, the sweet strawberry fragrance is a favorite with kids.

Q: After many years of wearing his hair short, my son has decided to grow his light brown 3c/4a hair longer. He has picked it, for fun, and it is a soft fro. He likes to just wash and dry it. But it is so dry that it just looks frizzy. We have also noticed a lot of hair in the shower after he washes it. I think this is a combination of natural hair loss that we never noticed when it was shorter, and the fact that his hair may be breaking because it is so dry. When he was little, we used to spray in detangler, comb it, mess it back up and he would have cute 3b curls. I would love to those type of curls again.

So I guess this is what I’m looking for: a conditioner and shampoo for multiracial hair, with a scent that’s not to flowery so it’s acceptable to a guy. I’d also like a leave-in product he can use to make looser, corkscrew curls, or at least keep it from getting frizzy. A possible problem here is that he plays basketball, and he doesn’t want something that will run into his eyes.

Cozy: Does your son like his hair the same way that you do? From what you have said, it sounds like he likes his new fro and thinks that it looks good, although you may think that it looks frizzy. Does he want help with his hair? If the frizz is the problem, stop picking it after you use detangler. Let the curls form their natural curls. A great detangler and leave-In conditioner sounds like just what your son needs. Check out So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner. It may be the answer for both you and your son!. For shampoo and conditioner for multi racial hair, check out Mixed Chicks His Mix Hydrating Shampoo and His Mix Leave-in Conditioner. Both are formulated for guys.

Q: My 3c/4a toddler is terrified about getting her hair washed. It’s an ordeal! She’s afraid to take baths in the bathroom; we have to put her in a tub in the living room. I know it’s only a phase she’s going through. But the instant the water touches the back of her hair, she immediately starts fighting and water gets into her eyes and ears. She doesn’t understand that if she holds her head up, I can actually do a good job without getting face wet at all. I have a small watering can with a long spout that would work very well and keep her face dry, if she’d let me. But it is just about impossible. I could do so much more with her hair if she’d let me get it wet. I like to do conditioner rinses, oil treatments and things like that on our hair. Please help me!

Cozy: You are right in assuming it is just a phase your daughter is going through, and it will definitely pass. In the meantime, you need to simplify your process as much as you possible until she gets past this. Forget about oil treatments and everything else right now. Cleanliness is all you should worry about. Try a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner when you do shampoo her hair, cutting two steps into one. So Cozy Tropical Fruit is a nice, gentle product that smells great and will get the job done. As far as how to get her into the tub and allowing you to shampoo her hair, I recommend making a game out of it. When your daughter is NOT in the tub, have her give her baby doll a bath and wash its hair. Use the watering can and let her become involved in the process on her doll. This way, you can talk about it without her being emotionally involved. If that doesn’t work, try using a wash cloth over her eyes or a shampoo visor (Sassy makes a cute one”>. That will prevent water from dripping down her face. Good luck!

Q: I am VERY new to curls. My son was bald the first year of his life. Now his hair is growing, and it is curly. The top of his head is just wavy – maybe a 2a/b (more curl when wet”>. But his sides and back are pretty curly – 3a/3b. I’ve been wetting it in the mornings, but when it dries it gets really frizzy. I was wondering if there were any products that are safe for very young toddlers? I would like to cut down on the frizz without getting the “wet look.” I am curl illiterate.

Cozy: This is a very common problem. Many children have many different textures of hair. This is because the baby hair is growing out and their “real” hair is coming in. Rather than using water, which you already know doesn’t help, you need a product that will relax the cuticle and prevent it from looking frizzy. So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream was created specifically for this problem. It will help smooth and control his hair, and the light formulation will not leave it looking greasy or stiff.

Q: My 6-year-old has beautiful, shiny 3a curls. But they fall into her face. We have to pull it back with a headband or pull it back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She looks at her friends, and they don’t have to do this and she wonders why she does. Any ideas?

Cozy: Have you consulted with a stylist for ideas about different cuts and styles for your daughter? It’s hard to answer without seeing your daughter’s hair, but perhaps some professional advise may help. It may be possible that some long layers may help.

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