Hi fellow curlies! Today I tried out the Knot Genie. Here's my opinion:

First of all, the Knot Genie comes in an awesome box. However, while it was painless during use (as it claims to be), it didn't untangle my hair as good as my regular brush. It did get rid of some of the small knots, but my hair still had knots.

Since we're on the subject of detangling, let me share some of my tips.

Enough of the commercial beginning. Now on to the good stuff. Do you ever feel like your hair is impossible to untangle, no matter what you do? Do you ever feel like your normal routine for getting rid of knots isn't working? Well, I can help! (The good stuff).

Emmi Holding Knot Genie

First, find a brush with long, only slightly bendy bristles. Then wet your hair and apply conditioner. Flip your hair over your shoulder (trust me, it helps) and if your hair isn't long enough, just forget that step. Then grab the ends of your hair (which should be the most tangled parts) in your fist. This will reduce any pain the brush causes as it detangles. There's a long boring thingy about nerves and what-not, but I bet you're somewhat smart enough to figure out the scientific parts. Brush the ends of your hair until they're smooth. After that, brush the rest of your hair. Apply more conditioner if needed. In terms of the conditioner, I like conditioners that have what my mom calls "slip." Right now, I'm using a Biolage conditioner, but before that, I was using a Ouidad Curl Quencher Conditioner I really liked too.

Another tip: It really helps if you don't rinse out your hair upside down, because this causes more tangles to form. I've learned this all through trial and error!

Time for the cheesy ending. Those are the steps for detangling hair the proper way. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd highly recommend trying it (not just because I wrote it, but because it really works.) I mean seriously, why would I bother writing this if it wasn't true?). And, not only did you learn how to keep your hair smooth and shiny, but you also learned the steps to writing a good column (quote: The commercial beginning. The good stuff. The cheesy ending. Ta-da!). The End.