So you are late for the third time this week and your hair is a hot mess. That last night study session really took its toll on you, and after hitting snooze three times in a row, you have just enough time to hit the shower and make a mad dash for the bus. Please, not another bad hair day!

Luckily, you have ten minutes until first period — just enough time to grab your emergency hair care kit and do major damage control. Problem solved.

You don’t have an emergency hair care kit? Well, it’s about time to make one! After all, you have your emergency number two pencil, your emergency flats for when your high heals hurt, so you should definitely have your emergency curly hair products! So, what should you put in it?

Making Your Emergency Hair Care Kit

Your curly hair emergency hair care kit can fit right there, in between those books!

Recommended Products

  1. Hair Tools This seems really obvious, but there are very basic tools that many curlies forget about. I suggest carrying a wide toothed comb, or paddle brush, and a bristle brush to smooth away fly-a-ways on the go.
  2. Multiple Hair Ties If you listen to nothing else, please heed this advice, because you will need it in a bind! A seamless hair tie will help you avoid any metal parts from snagging on your hair, and will allow you to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun. Just make sure to leave the scrunchies out of it, because they are just not cute unless you’re ten or under.
  3. Hair Accessories Nothing masks a bad hair day more than a distraction. Keep a few really cute accessories on hand at all times. I suggest flowers, bows and headbands with plenty of interest or elaborate designs. Most importantly, have accessories that are big enough to balance out the hugeness of our tresses.
  4. A Hair Spritz This will serve plenty of functions. It can help to dampen hair prior to styling, revive curls from a wash and go, cut the crunch from a wash and go gone bad, or add a much needed pleasant smell to hair in dire need of a wash. Rave reviews go out to Oyin Spritzes that get A’s for their scent and moisture. But if you’re in a bind, mix it up yourself using distilled water and a light oil, like jojoba oil, and your favorite essential oil — skip the oil if your hair does not take well to it. Spray it on lightly, shake, and go.
  5. Gel/Pomade If ever there was a holy grail of curly hair products, it would have to be a gel. Gel can be used for so many purposes, but in your case, it will probably be used to tame fly-a-ways and help reshape any unruly wash and go coils.
  6. Moisturizer You will not believe how many bad hair days can be fixed from simply moisturizing your hair. If you think about it, frizz, dullness and most things that cause a bad hair day are caused by dryness, and can be fixed by simply putting back the moisture into your hair. So pack a moisturizer and give water to those thirsty strands.
  7. T-shirt or Strip of Cloth I bet you did’t think of this one! As a curly you know that water is essential to your routine, whether it’s for moisture or styling. There is nothing worse than being huddled over a sink trying to dampen your hair and trying to prevent your clothes from getting soaked. This must have in your kit will help to catch the drippies, aid in plopping and catch any excess moisture from the hair without drying it out. Make sure to use either a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to protect your hair from breakage.
  8. Curly Hair Diary You might feel weird carrying a little book around with all your hair info written down, but believe me, you don’t want to be pressed for time trying to remember which curly hair products and styling tips make you look fabulous. Whenever you try something new or have a good hair day, write it down so when the countdown begins for first period, you can recreate a style at the drop of a hat with your very own personalized instructions.
  9. Wear a Hat! If you are suffering from a bad hair day that is just unsalvageable, or if there is simply no time, then your last hope is to cover it up. If you are a big haired curly, the best way to get all of your hair under that itty-bitty hat is to put it into a low bun, then wear the cap on top. This solution is best for hair that has a lot of frizz, especially in the crown area.
  10. Decorative Scarf This is your go to if all else fails. Hats and beanies leave sections of your hair exposed, but if you’re having an all out can’t do a single thing with your hair day, then this is your go to as none of the hair is left out. Also, if you are like many curlies, and your hair doesn’t dry come morning, then put a shower cap on it and scarf it! If you missed wash day and the oiliness is out of control, scarf it! If you want to get a secret DC session in before an important event, like date night, then, say it with me… SCARF IT!

Learn How to Scarf It!

Once you learn it, you’ll never leave it!

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