Curly Hair Solutions is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Created in February 2000, the company has been providing curly knowledge, tips, techniques and the highest quality products for the past decade.

It was created by veteran stylist Jonathan Torch, who developed a passion for curly hair, and became obsessed with finding new techniques to cut, care for and style waves, kinks and curls.

Those have efforts include 10 products in the Curly Hair Solutions line, several accessories and tools, a series of how-to videos, the web site and the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, a salon specializing in curly hair

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Torch’s fascination with curls began 20 years ago when a client came in with a head of bulky, unmanageable frizz. The Canadian (via South Africa) hairdresser admits that the layered cut he gave her looked terrible. But after that misstep, he made it his mission to figure out how to work with curly hair.

Over the years, he has become a student of everything curly. He has studied how curly hair looks when it’s wet and dry, how it shrinks and what makes it frizz. He has discovered the best ways to reduce bulk. He has watched how it changes from season to season. And he has learned that no two people have exactly the same curl types.

"I’ve come to accept that curly hair is my expertise,’ Torch says. "I believe it’s my destiny, and it’s what I know and what I do the best. I just love it."

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"Teaching individuals with curly hair what the right products and techniques are for them, and how to achieve complete curl success has made our journey fun and exciting," Torch says. "It encourages us to continue promoting curly hair and creating the unique products that people with curls require."

Ten years, and going strong. Here are some of the major accomplishments of Curly Hair Solutions

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