Prepare your hair for your first day back-to-school with these curly hair tips and products.

Reflect on Summer Vacation

Go ahead, relive the memories!

We know, we know — you’d love to keep thinking about summer vacation! Believe it or not, this is definitely something you need to think about when choosing hair products for your hair. After spending nearly every day at the beach, is your hair color now lighter? Did all that chlorine from the pool seem to do something weird to your hair? If you didn’t follow our curly hair tips for summer, you could also be in need of some serious deep conditioning. If your hair type has changed or has evolved into a dual hair type, your choice of products should change as well.

Curly Girl Tips

  • Follow the no-poo routine for your best curls. When using conditioner, apply the conditioner like you would shampoo. The lack of shampoo will hydrate your hair, while allowing the conditioner to clean your curls.
  • When towel drying your hair, use a t-shirt rather than a towel. This will help to decrease frizz and enhance curl pattern.
  • Shop CurlMart for sulfate free shampoos, deep conditioners and oils that will produce your best curls yet!


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Tasha Swearingen

Im 12 and i'm actualy transitioning, so this will def help !

Thanks for making this article!! I'm 13, so I think this still applies to me((: Maybe yuu could reccomend some good products for different hair types?? This was a greatt article though! Thank you! -Addison