Brittnee Lowrey: Happy with her new curls.

In entering the Curl Pride Contest, Brittnee Lowrey wrote a lovely essay describing her hair troubles.

Though we weren't able to fly her to New York for a makeover, wanted to do something for Brittnee, to boost her self-esteem and help her feel good about her curls.

So we made arrangements with an Austin salon for Brittnee to get a free hair makeover.

Ethan Shaw at Anne Kelso Salon was only too happy to help Brittnee. He said the 11-year-old, upon arriving at the salon, was "cute and happy."

Ethan said Brittnee "had typical 'triangle hair.' It was long and all one length, and she was pulling it back in a pony tail every day."

Before her makeover, Brittnee almost always wore her hair pulled back. When she did wear it down, it was frizzy.

Ethan and Brittnee decided that it would be best to remove the weight from the longest lengths of her hair and release the curls in the front and on top of her head.

"After doing some preliminary dry-cutting, I prepped her hair using DevaCurl No Poo and One Condition," says Ethan. "I then 'roughed in' the general shape of her new cut, establishing some interior layers and doing some face-framing."

"After the overall shape was established, I found the individual curl patterns on the top and sides of her head and cut 'with the curls,' varying the length of the individual curl tendrils," continues Ethan. "I then distributed Bumble and Bumble Tonic and Curl Creme for Fine to Medium hair all through Brittnee's newly released locks. I diffused her hair, and then detail-cut her hair while it was dry, having her stand up to see how her hair would lie."

Ethan works to create a new look for Brittnee.

Ethan and Brittnee talked about how the 'tween could easily take care of and style her hair at home. Then, the salon's Kellie Gonzalez applied some light makeup, and Brittnee was full of smiles for the pictures of her new look.

Kim Soriano, Brittnee's stepmother, says, "I think she really likes it. She's worn it down every single day!"

"I like it so much better now. All my friends really love it, too!" says the almost-seventh-grader.

She says the new look has given her more self-confidence.