Q: Both my daughter and I have curly hair. She’s 3 years old, but has thick, dry curls. Can she use the same products as I use or will they be too irritating? What are the advantages of using a line specifically for kids?

Cozy: This is a great question — one most people don’t understand. Here is a comparison that will make the answer easier. We give babies special food that is appropriate for the age and development — formula and baby food. You wouldn’t consider giving a baby a steak! Special hair-care formulations are created for children to be more gentle, hypo-allergenic and packed with much-needed nutrients to cleanse, strengthen and promote growth and help keep the scalp healthy. As for your daughter’s dry hair, a thick and creamy conditioner (try So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner“> will help add the nutrients and moisture her hair needs.

Q: I’m the proud momma of a curly toddler (26 months”>. I think she is 3b. I have relaxed hair, so I’m clueless about this curly hair business. Her hair is curly and defined after it is washed, which I have cut back on from advice I have read. I condition it weekly. I’ve tried so many products on her hair. Her hair always looks absolutely beautiful for about two to three hours, and then it completely dries out. And although it still looks pretty, it gets a little frizzy and dry. I don’t want to keep her hair loaded with product, and just want to find something that will keep her hair moisturized. I want her to be able to wear her hair out and want to find something that keeps her hair soft and manageable. Please help me!

Cozy: I would recommend that you use conditioner everytime she bathes, even if you aren’t shampooing. Dry hair cannot be over conditioned. To maintain the curls without loading her hair with products, only one is needed. So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream is light and non greasy, but will do exactly what you are looking for. It will help keep the curls well defined, and will smooth the cuticle to prevent frizz.

Q: My youngest daughter has really fine hair that gets all matted at the back where she lies on it. If I brush it, it gets all fluffy. But it doesn’t appear to have any curl to it. Then again, maybe it’s too short — it’s at chin length. Her scalp is really, really dry and flaky, and she has excema linked to allergies. Any ideas on how to handle her hair and scalp?

Cozy: I recommend that you make sure the hair products you are using are hypo-allergenic (like So Cozy Hair Care”>. I also think that conditioning her hair (and scalp”> is very important. You may want to talk to your pediatrician if you notice excema on her scalp. When my kids were very little and had cradle cap, I used to gently rub baby oil onto their scalp. Just be sure you aren’t going anywhere important after that because her hair will look a little greasy!

Q: I always seem to be rushing in the morning to get my 6-year-old daughter off to school. But her curls are always a mess. Are there any quick fixes to reduce the puffiness and define the curls as he head out the door?

Cozy: I have the perfect solution for you. It’s what I use on my curly son every morning! (He has bed head every morning.”> I leave a bottle of BOO! Leave-In Conditioning Spray in the drawer next to our front door. This spray is great for two reasons. First, it is a great leave-in conditioner that will help to redefine the curls and smooth the frizz. Second, it is infused with pure tea-tree oil, which is a natural repellant of lice! This is perfect for school-age children to prevent lice at school or camp. I love a product that kills two birds with one stone!

Q: My son is joining a swim team this summer. I’m afraid his beautiful curls will get dry and damaged with all of the chlorine. What can I do to protect his hair before and after he gets in the pool?

Cozy: You definitely should be using a swimmer’s shampoo daily, which will remove chlorine and impurities from the hair. Chlorine is so damaging to hair, it will dry it out and really ruin it. Try So Cozy Green Apple Swimmers’ Shampoo. Also, if at all possible, a quick rinse of the hair with cool water directly after swimming is better than nothing.

Q: My daughter has long curly hair — when it’s wet it’s midway down her back. How often should I have it trimmed? It doesn’t seem to get very damaged, but I want to keep it looking good. She wants it to grow longer, so I don’t want to get it cut too often. What’s a good rule of thumb, depending on the length of hair?

Cozy: This is a common question I hear from girls. They want to keep their hair long, but want it to be healthy. I recommend a trim every six weeks, even if it’s just a quarter of an inch. Cutting your hair regularly will strengthen your hair, and will actually promote growth.

Cozy Friedman


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