If you have young curly kiddos then your biggest challenge is quite likely detangling. Your child's everyday adventures can wreak havoc (and knots) on a curly kid's hair! When we talked to our curly community member Alice and her daughter Bea she shared that their "number one problem is detangling Bea's hair." Bea's hair is fine and curly so it tangles easily, which has proven to be a challenge for them. We actually followed Alice and Bea on their typical morning routine back when Bea was just three years old. And now that she's four (we can't believe it either!) we wanted to check in and see what they're using now!

Alice says "we use the Just For Me Leave-in Detangler, and it really helps get the knots out." She goes on to say "We actually used this just today, it's the Oil Moisturizing Lotion, so you can see how beautiful and shiny her curls are, and it really helps sort of define them and make them not so frizzy."

Alice hopes that all of the TLC she shows Bea's curls now will help her to embrace her hair with confidence as she grows. She says "I really like that Just For Me has teamed up on the movie Home to really help girls embrace their curly wonderful self, I think that is really important." As Bea sat watching the trailer for Home on a computer screen, we can't help but root for even more curly hair protagonists in cartoons, movies and on television. Home's main character Tip, voiced by Rihanna, is a great start to what we hope is a growing trend for 2015. 

Alice says "one of the things that I really like about Just For Me, is it helps my daughter who's only four really embrace the fact that curls are wonderful."

t really helps her feel great about her self, and look really wonderful, right Bea?" Alice says looking down at little Bea in her lap. "Yea" says Bea, and we think so too. Watch Alice and Bea's full review of the Just For Me products they use down below.

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