Dear CurlySuzy: A friend of mine recommended that I contact you about your “It’s a Curl” product line for my daughter. She’s got the typical Caucasian baby hair — fairly straight with little ringlets that try to form at the back. It’s adorable, and I want to do everything I can to bring them out and to keep them looking good through the day. I have some luck using a regular conditioner on her hair and then running a bit of lotion through it. But I’m thinking an actual hair product would be better than Johnson’s baby lotion! I don’t know if it matters, but my hair is a definite type 2b. Thanks a million!Rachel

Dear Rachel: I think I have the perfect thing for your daughter’s ringlets. It is a line called Little Sprouts. It’s A Curl is a good line too, but it doesn’t have a spray detangler. You want to use a non-sulfate cleanser and a good moisturizing conditioner. Your instinct to use lotion was a good start. But as weird as this may sound, lotion can cause dryness in her fragile curls. So mild cleansers are a must, and then lots of conditioning. You’ll also want to use a good detangler and refreshing spray for the morning and after naps. Be careful not to brush her dry curls. Combing with a wide-tooth comb when her hair is wet and you’ve applied a conditioner or detangling spray is in her curls is the best practice. I’ve included links to the products below.

It’s a Curl

Little Sprout

Curly Suzy

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