Earlier this week, Dove premiered a video for their new Love Your Curls campaign. In the video, the major hair care brand focuses a spotlight on a handful of young girls with textured hair ranging from loose waves to tightly coiled curls.  Too often we dwell on a physical trait that we wish we could change about ourselves, and for these particular girls, it is their hair. In Dove's heartfelt video we meet Camilla, Aisha, Carina, and Jewel, and Angelyce, ranging in age from 5 to 11, who all share one insecurity in common--their hair texture.  When asked about their feelings toward their hair, each girl responded to the interviewer with palpable frustration and disappointment. 
According to Dove, only 4 out of 10 girls with curly hair actually love their hair. And they are 7 times more likely to love their curls if people around them do, too.

For 16 years TextureMedia and NaturallyCurly have spent tireless and ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between the often alienated curly hair community and the mainstream, and we count this video and its success as a major victory.   We're thrilled to see this message becoming a force in mainstream media and conversations between women, not just within the curly community. Let's celebrate our beauty, starting with our hair.

If the answer is yes, then you won't want to skip this video. And be sure to show this to your curly kiddo as well.

Watch the Video

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We know so many of you can relate to the frustration of these girls - believe us, we've been there. We see your comments and read your questions and know you're always on the hunt for products that will help you love your curls, so in celebration of this milestone we're going to help you with your search.

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