Is it safe to use coconut oil for my baby’s hair?
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From your kitchen to your skin to your hair, coconut oil has an array of different uses (if only it worked on bills, too). But is it safe to use on the little ones?

Yes, it is!

Coconut oil is derived from the fruit of the coconut tree. If left unrefined and unprocessed, its health benefits are endless, even for the minis.

The universal ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, coconut oil is baby and toddler-friendly although they do not require much of it. Understand that your child's skin, hair, and body are still fragile in the early growth stages and cannot take the same amount of ingredient dosage as we can. Watch out for excessive dryness and irritation on your baby's scalp and skin before application on a regular basis. Do keep an eye out for how your child reacts as some curlies, including Naptural85, have had negative reactions to coconut oil. If this is true for your child, try using grapeseed oil as an alternative

These are some of the top uses for coconut oil on young children: 

Diaper rash salve
Unrefined coconut oil will soothe your irritated skin without the harsh chemicals in most over-the-counter products.
Teething pain reliever
Simply rub a bit of oil onto the aggravated gums to ease teething pain. Coconut oil makes for a safe all-natural toothpaste alternative, safe enough for your little one to use until it's time for an over-the-counter option.
Ear infection 
Due to its natural healing properties, coconut oil does wonders when it comes to infections, bruises, burns, cuts and sores. Put a few drops into the ear twice a day to fight the infection to relieve pain.
Cradle cap treatment
A teaspoon of oil gently rubbed on your baby’s scalp will moisturize the scalp and gradually reduce the inflammation.
Skin moisturizer
Apply a bit of the oil on the skin for deeply moisturized skin and to prevent baby acne and dryness. It can also be used as a body wash for preserving moisture.

Products with coconut oil

While pure coconut oil gets all the hype, there are also several products that contain coconut oil in their infant and toddler lines.

California Baby Calendula Cream is a non-greasy, therapeutic lotion that soothes and heals all skin types with any skin condition.

SheaMoisture carries SheaMoisture for Kids, which offer products catering to your child’s unique hair and skin type while delivering simple, safe, and natural ingredients.

Cara B Naturally is specifically formulated to nourish your child’s needs organically and maintaining their natural beauty without harsh chemicals that are found in regular adult products or non-organic baby lines.

Keep in mind, your infant does not require too much work--a simple, soft cleanse with a tad bit of coconut oil will be enough for now.

Do you have any baby-safe product suggestions with coconut oil? Let us know below.

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