Kids with curly hair

Do you need help with your child's curly hair? Cozy has all the answers.

Dear Cozy: I need to take my 6-year-old curly twins for their first haircuts. My friends go to your location on 84th and Madison and overheard that there's a stylist there who specializes in curlies. How can I find out who that is? Or is there someone at one of the other salons? I'm very nervous about this haircut (one of them is donating to Locks of Love since her hair is very long).

A: You are smart to inquire about a stylist who specializes in curly hair! We actually have a few stylists at each of our salons that are amazing with curly hair, so no need to worry.

What I recommend to you is to call the location that is most convenient and ask who would be great for curly hair & find out their schedule. If you're not in NYC, you can use the salon finder to find curly kids' hair salons in your area. It's a tough question for me to answer, as many of our stylists work in a few of our locations and their schedules do change. But have no fear—the receptionist will surely guide you to the right person.

Don't forget to bring your video camera for the special occasion!