curly mom and daughter

Since embarking on your natural hair journey, how has your perception of beauty altered and influenced how you care for your daughter’s hair?

For me, nothing has really changed except learning how to care for our hair. I feel that natural hair is the most beautiful hair regardless of the texture, and I have never thought about pressing or chemically altering my daughter's hair.

What do you want your daughter to think of her natural hair?

I want her to know that her hair is beautiful the way her hair naturally grows from her scalp. No need to alter something that is already perfect!

How does your daughter influence you to embrace your natural hair?

I'm teaching her that she's beautiful the way she is, inside and out. So, I must practice what I preach. I can't tell my daughter to love her hair the way it grows naturally if I'm running to the salon to get my hair pressed. I must show by example. I have been natural for almost four years now so I can honestly say that I love every strand on my head.

Do you think teaching your daughter how to properly care for her hair has an impact on how she perceives her hair?

She's only ten years old so at this point she could care less, it's only hair. If anything she's hates how long it takes to detangle and style her hair, and she's over listening to mom tell her how important it is to coat/moisturize her strands to prevent breakage. On wash day she just wants mom to get it done fast.

Do you think having natural hair yourself plays a role in how she perceives her natural hair?

Yes, but I'm sure once she hits her teens things will change! Cooper (my daughter) has never been to a salon to have her hair pressed or chemically altered. The only time she has visited a salon was to have her ends trimmed, so she doesn't understand the big deal about natural hair because she hasn't been exposed to anything else. For Cooper natural hair is normal.

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