My name is Crystal Colon and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am an auditor by day, and blogger/owner of Flor Bella Boutique by night. I am also a mommy to two beautiful girls and a wife to naturally curly guy!

I started Flor Bella Boutique in October 2012 after my daughters asked me to purchase bonnets for them.

At the time, my family and I were recovering from my husband's layoff earlier that year. He had regained employment but of course you know how it is when you are trying to be conservative with your money after going through a crunch. During that time, I had taken up sewing and I decided to make my girls some bonnets as a way of practicing my sewing. I really didn't know what I was doing. When I finished the bonnets, my husband told me he loved them and told me I should sell them. The rest is history.

I am inspired by my girls, Martina and Carrington.

Everything I do is for them. I try to consider all my choices and how they will impact them and if they will encourage and inspire them. Some of my designs are inspired by what they like. For example, they are into all things Disney princesses and Hello Kitty. That is why I have those designs are child bonnets. Also, I am inspired by prints that are in their favorite colors. They inspire me so much that I named the business in homage to them. I named the business Flor Bella (beautiful flower) in Spanish in homage to their Latina heritage.Of course,

I also am inspired by fierce naturalistas I see on social media.

I am inspired so many ladies but my favorites by far are Mo Knows Hair, Jenell Stewart, PrincessLinzz, HalfieTruths and MamaNaturalista. They constantly remain positive and are doing big things and they are just genuinely nice people (and of course, beautiful).

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur in any industry, read, read, read.

I love to read to learn what other successful business owners have done and are doing. Research and find what resources are available to you such as SBA, etc. Network, network, network. Be polite. I always say, "Please" and "Thank You". I also would encourage other young entrepreneurs to never give up. Sometimes people don't' reply when you contact them. That is okay. Keep contacting other people and eventually you will get a response.

Last but certainly not least, pray without ceasing. Listen for the voice of God (or whomever you worship) to speak to you and guide you along the right path. I think that is the most important tip I can give anyone.

I am so excited about the future! I have a new 'Curl Power' T-shirt line that I just launched with the help of a wonderful graphic designer. I also have another T-Shirt that will be coming soon. I am attending some major conferences this year to help me expand and improve. I will be at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo which I am excited about because New Orleans is where I began my adulthood and I have lots of family, friends and ties there, so I am excited to be going 'home'. I am also sponsoring giveaways frequently on IG and FB.

You can follow my blog here at, my Instagram is @CrystalsCurls. My online shop can be found here-