Hair battle spectacular

All right, insane reality television fanatics, get ready to add a new show to your DVR list. Oxygen’s newest reality show, “Hair Battle Spectacular” is shedding light on a somewhat underground genre of hairstyling: fantasy hair design.

The show, hosted by Brooke Burns, will put 10 contestants head to head to see who can deliver the biggest and best fantasy style to win the ultimate prize of $100,000. With challenges that include everything from pouring cocktails into hair designs to making toys with moveable parts out of hair, there is no doubt that this show will be much wackier than any other hair styling show this season.

And just in case the crazy hair isn’t enough for you, they’ve brought in the eccentric, high-heel-wearing Derek J (whom you may remember from Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” and celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese to judge the final results in an all-out, full-blown cheesy boxing ring hair battle. (Disclaimer: no models are intentionally harmed in the judging process. Only dirty looks are thrown between models.”>

Just like “Jersey Shore,” none of the contestants use their given names, and if this show reaches the same notoriety, you can expect names like Fingaz, Roo, Minista, and Cajmonet to become things that you regularly say, text, and hear on celebrity gossip programs.

But don’t let the all out insanity fool you; the stylists on this show are seriously talented. Using everything from Styrofoam to chicken wire to create their fantastical designs, these contestants engineer something that is a cross between architecture, sculpture and pop art. In addition to pulling together hair art, models have to be styled from head to toe to complete the overall look.

Fans of Bravo’s “Shear Genius” need not be dismayed. Other than the squeaky clean white salons, and impending drama between contestants, these two shows are completely different animals. There is indeed enough room on your DVR for both.

The show premieres Tuesday, August 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.

—Whitney Burleson

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