mr cory cookie company

Fashionable, fancy, different, BOSS, nice, high quality.

According to Huffington Post , a curly, 9-year-old, suit and tie-wearing boy by the name of Mr. Cory describes his fashion as such. Did we mention he is founder and CEO of Mr. Cory's Cookies? Yeah, tell us about it.

In addition to poppin' curls, Mr. Cory has impeccable taste for both fashion and small business success in the world of sweets. According to his mother, he dresses himself--she even admits to needing her son's help to dress her. Cory loves to raid the racks of stores like J. Crew, TOPSHOP, Zara, Salvation Army, Ralph Lauren, and thrift shops.

After their move from New York City to New Jersey, Cory decided he would take on the responsibility of purchasing his mother an automobile. Thus, he began concocting delicious all natural, mostly sugar-free cookies like White Chocolate Chips, Lemon, and Oatmeal Raisin.

As far as fashion goes, Cory has it down pat all on his own. Want to dress for success? You'll need "a suit, a pocket square, and a classic watch," says Mr. Cory.

Visit his website, for more flavors and info on ordering his cookies. And follow Mr. Cory on Instagram- @mrcorys

mr cory