"Baby girl, I love your hair."

"Princess, your hair looks so pretty."

Every little and big girl lights up when her father takes notice of her crown and glory. I want to say thank you to all of the fathers and husbands that bring a smile to all the curly girls in the world. You know I love a personal story almost more than I love my curly pudding and creamy leave-in, so here it goes.

I spoke with Devri Velazquez, Content Editor for naturallycurly.com, who shared with me how her father's support and encouragement led her to be the amazing unique individual that she is:

My father tells me all the time that he loves my afro and my curly natural hair. He always has supported my hairstyle choices since I was a child, even when his wife (my mother) has scolded me for my 'fro. My dad has definitely laid the foundation down when it comes to me making a choice in all of my forms of personal expression, from my clothes to my tattoos, to my hair. Thankfully I haven't gotten negative remarks about my natural hair while dating or from friends or the community -- I always get compliments so that helps my confidence. I wouldn't worry or think twice about someone who didn't "approve" of something that grows out of my hair.


Growing up, my superhero dad, Daniel Gant, always encouraged my siblings and me to rock our natural hair. “Wearing natural hair promotes self-awareness and pride. I wanted my children to embrace their culture and be proud of their heritage. I love that my daughters now encourage their children to do the same.”

There is always the dad that tells you that you have the freedom of choice, just not when it comes to your hair. Vernon C Lindsay, father of three beautiful children and husband to Gabriella Lindsay, sets the foundation of self-love:

My daughter is 6 years old and the only choice that she has is to embrace her natural hair. There are no alternatives that I would consider or support at this point in her life. I believe that it is important for fathers to encourage their daughters to embrace their natural beauty from an early age. When we neglect to tell them they are beautiful just the way they are, this decision has the potential to raise girls who become women with low self esteem. It is my goal to teach my daughter from a young age that she should love herself, just the way she was created by God, and it begins with her natural curly hair.

-Gabriella Lindsay

Raphael James, News Reporter for WCSC-TV Live 5 in Charleston SC, wanted to bond with his baby girl and decided to take on hair duties for the day:

One day as a surprise to my wife I decided, I’ll do baby girl’s hair! How hard could it be right? Daddy Daughter bonding time. After finding the brush, the comb and a bucket full of grease I went at it.  A couple hours later the picture you see was the result.  It wasn’t pretty but we had fun and baby girl didn’t seem to mind.  Good thing we didn’t have to run any errands that day! I always tell Nia that her hair is fabulous any way she decides to wear it. The diversity of styles that can be created are endless. She wears her hair like a crown, fitting for the princess that she is.

Happy Father's Day!

It is important that we share the positive stories that shine a light on all of the amazing fathers who support their children’s individuality -- especially when it comes to natural hair. For those of you whose fathers and husbands haven’t come around yet, don’t give up win them over with “Love, peace, and hair grease!"

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