It’s a new world for naturals and our  confidence and versatility make it difficult to ignore. Our hair is stylish, so it makes perfect sense that we are trickling into the fashion world! We are gracing magazines, commercials, print ads, and runways. It only stands to reason that this trend spills over into all forms of fashion, including kids modeling. Kids have always modeled, but with the rise in diversity among adult models it has trickled down to the kid models as well.

Just like adults, modeling for kids is fiercely competitive, but just being cute isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s an art form… a craft that take more than a pretty face and a cultivated walk. It takes the latest look that mesmerizes the consumer and makes them feel they need whatever you are selling. Yea, it’s that real, but we’re not here to discuss the ugly side of modeling, as every industry has its bad side, but rather we are here to celebrate ten amazing kids who remind us how talented and beautiful our children really are.

Natural hair to many is a gorgeous accessory and as we continue to grow in numbers, the kid modeling world is embracing and showcasing our hair on our children and we are loving it!