Pass the 5 Finger Test

We love helping our curly community problem solve their curls. Especially when they're this cute!

For many mothers dealing with curly kiddos, detangling is a major challenge. Here is how one mother tackles the task in her daily routine, using Just For Me products. The ultimate test: Can you easily run all five fingers through your child's hair at the end of your wash day activities? #5fingertest

If you answered no, then we recommend products with lots of slip, a wide tooth comb, and gentle, gentle finger detangling. Watch the video for the full routine, or simply to have an adorable 3-year old brighten your day!

Watch the Video

Products used:

Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Just For Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Creme

Just For Me Hair Milk Curl Perfecter