After growing your daughter’s hair to a healthy length and teaching her to love all of herself, she now wants to straighten her hair! As a modern day naturalista, this may go against everything you believe in, but worry not.  Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Tip 1 - Give her the confidence to wear her natural hair

Although she wants to try a straight look, the good thing is that she wants to have fun and get involved with HER HAIR.  Tell her how beautiful her hair is in every state, whether curly, straight, down or up.  Our hair is a golden crown that we should be proud of.  So, look for moments to describe how unique her hair texture is while strategically mentioning all of the wonderful things you love about her natural hair.  This will cause her to exude confidence, and to walk with her head held high.

Tip 2 - Show her how to love and care for her hair

Nothing worth keeping should be tucked away and hidden from the world.  Instead it should be visibly cherished.  The best way to teach “cherished hair care" is to lead by example.  Speak only positive affirmations about your hair and your daughter’s hair.  Then give the hair intentional, quality time. This means giving the attention it needs on a regular basis.  So, rather than rushing through your hair care routines, give yourself enough time to truly focus on what you are doing so that the message of hair care is communicated positively, rather than sending the message that "hair care is arduous and difficult." Detangling products like the Dream Kids Detangling Moisturizing Conditioner can make this process easier for you and your kiddo. This will slowly, but surely teach her to cherish her hair and herself.

Tip 3 - Products can make straightening a less daunting task

The truth is our society is fast paced with no plans of slowing down.  Agendas are packed, yet our responsibilities continue to grow. Hair care sometimes calls for a little more support.  Let's not forget one major benefit to natural hair is the ability to have options.  Products like the Texture Manageability System can make straightening and styling easier, which helps with time management while preserving the integrity of your child's hair!  It has a 4 out of 5 curl rating from our community and will lasts 4-6 weeks. Assess your child's hair care needs, along with the needs of your family dynamics, to help you determine if this is a step in the right direction for the entire family.

Tip 4 - Make sure the return to curly is successful

In your heart of hearts your biggest desire is for your child to have a healthy, happy, hair experience.  Therefore to set her up for success, ease your child back into her curl style.  Be an attentive support throughout her cleansing process, starting with a gentle detangling session before cleansing.  While you detangle her strands, discuss what happens to curly hair when it becomes wet, being sure to inform her of the shrinkage and change in texture that she may witness.  Now would be an excellent time to discuss the unique adaptability of natural hair.  As you cleanse her hair and the curls begin to take shape, mention how beautiful her ringlets are and how you love the part when the curls bounce back. This conversation will make your return to curls pleasant and most importantly; successful.

Our children's natural hair care experience can be even better than ours, due to the love we have for them and the knowledge we have obtained.  Consider these tips when deciding upon appropriate hair care for yourself and your child and have a blast with the versatility our hair brings.

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