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I love my coils and would not change them for the world, but there are days I do love them less than others. Those are usually the times I have created unnecessary tangles that make detangling a nightmare and make for an extra long wash day. I cannot blame anyone but myself, and fortunately I am working on my mistakes, but here is a list of the worst habits that have created ungodly tangles and make my wash day a total nightmare!

1. Neglecting your hair

Neglect, laziness, or sheer stupidity is when I allow my hair to get so tangled and dry that I wish I could hire someone else to detangle my hair for me. There are days when I add no refresher, sleep with no protection, and continue this ugly cycle until I have a mass of tangles that require a lot of work to remove. I wish I could blame it on a good excuse, but I cannot it happens when I am just not in the mood for fooling with my hair and have no place to go. I lessen the problem by doing a pre-poo overnight and slowly detangle, but when I think about the trouble I usually put it off a few more days and make matters worse!

2. Not using conditioners with super slip

I have found my Holy Grail conditioners that give me massive amounts of slip and I even cocktail my deep conditioner with an elixir to help me glide through my hair. This has helped me on wash day to remove massive tangles with little to no effort. But before I found my winning cocktail of SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner and SheaMoisture Reconstructive Finishing Elixir, I had the hardest time removing tangles from my hair on wash day. Another great product is Kinky-Curly Knot Today for extra slip, and I have found that it decreases tangles by 50%.

3. Not getting regular trims

There is a belief that curly girls do not need trims. Many curlies also avoid trims because they feel it hinders their  and there is another hair growth. I am here to tell you right now that neither are true. On the contrary, whenever I let my ends grow raggedy or frayed, I experience more severe snags and knots. Avoiding trims will lead to a longer, more difficult wash day. Don't do it.

4. Hand in hair syndrome

We all suffer from hand-in-hair syndrome from time to time. I for one find myself creating uneven Bantu knots or just twirling my coils around my fingers when watching TV. This is a big problem that turns my hair into a frizzy mess, or worse, creates senseless tangles that turn into knots. I have tried curbing myself of this bad habit for years, but it took one bad experience that ended in having to cut a huge, uncooperative knot out of hair to make me stop. Now, when I find myself absent-mindedly touching my hair, I remember the consequences I had to suffer from my actions and just leave my hair alone.

5. Borrowing hair when creating twists

Twists are a cute style that can be ideal for the winter months, especially when worn in a satin-lined hat. But be aware that there is a wrong way to create your twists.

Borrowing from the other side when you run out of hair as you twist is the quickest way to create tangles. When creating a twist or even a braid, make sure both pieces of hair are the same length and size before twisting.

I get regular trims, use amazing conditioners with slip, twist my hair correctly, and work hard at keeping my hands out of my hair. The only tangle-producing habit that I am still working on is neglect, and while it is happening less, it still happens. No one is perfect but when it comes to tangles, your bad habits are worth breaking.

What has caused you the worst tangles you have ever had?