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Your scalp is the foundation for great hair. You probably know by now that you should pay close attention to cleansing your scalp, moisturizing your scalp, and even massaging your scalp to activate your sebum, protect your roots, and prevent irritation. Did you know that should also exfoliate your scalp? You can keep your scalp in great condition, stimulate hair follicles, and slough away dead skin and product residue with a scalp exfoliant.

Why should you exfoliate the scalp?

There are a few great reasons to consider the use of DIY scalp exfoliators as part of your hair care routine:

  • Remove that dead skin. The biggest reason to exfoliate is that it can help remove dead skin cells from the surface of the scalp. Dead skin cells can hinder the overall health of your scalp and leave you feeling dry, itchy, and victimized by dandruff.
  • Circulate your blood. Another good reason to consider an exfoliating step for your scalp is to help improve blood circulation. Proper blood circulation is essential for a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth through follicle stimulation.
  • Eliminate residue. Curly girls use a LOT of products and residue happens. Product residue can clog your pores, cause itching or irritation, and can even become visible on your scalp.

Mistakes to Avoid During Scalp Exfoliation

  • Don't go hard! You don't need to apply extra vigor to achieve a healthy, exfoliated scalp. A gentle approach to scrubbing will protect from abrasions on the skin.

  • Don't crystallize. Whether you're purchasing an exfoliating product or trying a DIY recipe, avoid harsh crystallized ingredients. Choose something with coffee grounds or brown sugar over a cane sugar or sea salt exfoliant for a soft experience.

  • Don't exfoliate too often. You should exfoliate your scalp twice per month. Over-exfoliation can leave the skin irritated, raw, and even susceptible to infections if abrased.

DIY Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

To make your own DIY scalp exfoliator you only need two ingredients:

  • ¼ cup coconut oil

  • ½ cup brown sugar

Stir until well blended and apply to scalp. Massage in circular motions using the pads - not the nails - of your fingers. Rinse completely and finish with the Jessicurl scalp massage oil for a luxurious treat.

How you treat your scalp will have a direct effect on the growth and health of your hair and how you feel in your skin. For more on exfoliating your scalp check out our how-to guide to scalp exfoliation or learn more about calcium bentonite clay for dandruff sufferers.

How do you exfoliate your scalp? Let us know your go-to scalp care routine in the comments below.